Blue Plate California Car:

1973 Mercedes-Benz 450SL
2-Top Roadster!

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Now half a Century old, the Mercedes-Benz 450SL has long established its place as one of the greatest post-war Roadsters ever made.

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Here in the US, only the cars built up to July 1973 feature the small "European" chrome bumpers, albeit graced with small bumperettes. These early SLs are incredibly simple, lacking any and all emission controls and the multitude of electrical gremlins that plagued many later cars. Here, less is more.

The 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450SL shown here is a solid car with small cosmetic needs. We purchased it in Santa Barbara where it apparently spent all of its life. Since we have plenty of projects in the work, we decided to offer this car at a bargain price to someone who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in exchange for thousands of dollars in savings.

The car was built in May of 1973. It is a 1973 model.

VIN *107044-12-012548* indicates that this is car is among the earliest R107 US Roadsters built.

The dataplate tells us that it's been delivered in Mercedes "Deep Blue" color, code DB920, finished with Herbert Standox paint (H).
Options include green tinted glass (593), the central locking system (466), right side mirror (502), Becker radio (513), and Behr air conditioning and power windows (585). Speaking of the air conditioning, it's blowing ICE COLD!

This SL has been driven extensively and serviced "open checkbook" style, regardless of cost. Don't let the mileage scare you. No less than 138 service records, all in sheet protectors and sorted in chronological order, tell the story of a well-maintained car.

The total amount we were able to add up was $48,387.85, although some invoices were faded to a point that made reading them impossible. Thus, there's about $50,000 worth of service here, dating back 36 years, to 1986.
Notably, engine and transmission were rebuilt, and the subframe was retrofitted.

This Mercedes still carries its original blue-and-yellow license plates, front and back. Most likely the original owner enjoyed the car from May 1973 until November 1986, when the second owner took over. Around 2008 he fell ill, reportedly passed a couple of years later, and the car remained in the garage until 2021 when his widow passed as well and the entire estate was sold off through probate. This is when the third owner got the car, took it out of hibernation, and registered it in his name.
The car is currently licensed through May of 2023.

This is a solid California car that can be enjoyed right away and driven home.

The engine was completely rebuilt to the tune of $7,863.58 just 48,770 miles ago.

It runs smoothly without any ill behavior to report, and has zero fluid leaks.

The body is straight, without any indication of previous accident damage.

The car was repainted in the original color, probably many moons ago. The finish starts showing its age, but it's still utterly presentable for a driver.

The factory hardtop is included, as are both top levers to mount and dismount it.

There are two rust spots at the lower edge of the rear pillar, next to the rear glass.

Interior is in good condition, save for the center console which needs to be repainted or replaced with a good used one.

The small plastic inserts for control lights have faded and should be replaced.

Aside from some minor wear on the outer beading of the driver's seat, both seats are in good condition . . .

. . . proving that MB-Tex wears like barb wire.

Rear storage area.

Since no trunk key could be found, the previous owner drilled out the trunk lock, which needs to be replaced.

Trunk features the original gray rubber mat . . .

. . . and the original spare. Lower spare floor is rust free save for the small spot seen in the photo.

The car runs and drives fine, with just a small amount of play in the steering. Brakes work good, all lights seem to work. Air conditioning is cold. Only the passenger side window won't roll down at this time.

Although the finish is presentable as is, hood and trunk lid need to be repainted due to the large flaws shown in these photos. The decklid has been painted incorrectly with dual stage paint and the clear coat is peeling. All the other panels seem to be correct single stage paint.

The softop has been replaced in October of 2001 to the tune of $1,350.

It too is presentable with clear plastic windows all around, but shows signs of age and has two small rips.

A California blue plate SL, extensively documented, usable as is, priced to sell. Opportunity knocks, are you ready to answer?


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
Please, direct all inquiries to or call us at 805-792-9797.