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1974 BMW 2002tii

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The BMW 2002, manufactured from 1966 to 1976, has gained a well-deserved reputation of being the most sporting sedan of its time.

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In its most potent form, as the 2002tii -- touring international injection -- the Beemer's beefed-up engine was fed by a fully mechanical Kugelfischer fuel injection pump. These are the cars collectors lust for, and superb examples have sold for mid-5-figures. According to, average sales price for a tii during the past 5 years was $30,648, the record being $125,000.

This particular car, VIN *2780171*, has been a California resident from new.

Originally this tii has been delivered in "Türkis" (turquoisemetallic), paint code 065. This color was initially only offered in 1972 and 1973, yet low customer demand and thus a remaining stock on paint caused the Bavarians to offer early '74 cars in this rare color as well. The Bavarians did this until they ran out of paint, reportedly in spring of 1974.

The 02's body is a masterpiece of design. Weighing only 2,324 lbs. in tii guise, it's square and light and offers an all-around visibilty that is unmatched to this day. No rear camera needed! Clearly, progress in automotive design has not brought us any improvements in this department. The tii was fitted from the factory with heavier duty front MacPherson struts, brake calipers with larger discs, and sway bars on both ends. This one rolls on period 13-inch alloys, equipped with 205/60-13 radials all around.

The car comes features a large manual sunroof that works smoothly.

Beemer's body is rust free, yet it shows a multitude of imperfections. The driver's door has a crease from opening too far when the door stopper was broken. There are dents on both rear wheel wells (outer layer only) and lots of isolated paint bu-bu's. The weatherstripping is dried throughout. The entire car deserves to be repainted in its original color, something that would increase the car's appearance and value a great deal.

The bullet-proof M10 engine, # 23E * 0867A 12 8*, is equipped with the highly-sought-after Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. It boasts 130 horsepower from its 1,900cc OHC inline 4, turning it into the Porsche for the family man.

The engine has been revived after its 16-year-hibernation. We changed oil and filter and installed a set of new spark plugs. The compression reading of 160/160/160/160 is near darn perfect. We noticed that the choke is sticking at about 1,200 rpm, even when warmed up. There are no fluid leaks of any kind. The car runs cool, even at triple-digit temperatures. The longer the car is being driven, the smoother it runs. There are still some internal cobwebs that will have to be blown out. There are no fluid leaks of any kind.

The interior is minimalist by design. Three round instruments, framed by a woodgrain panel, provide all the information needed. Steering wheel is original. Odometer isn't working, so the true mileage is unknown to us. Period pull-out radio is silent, the rest of the gauges and instruments work fine. All windows roll up and down smoothly.

Headliner and sunvisors are original and show signs of age. Dome light works.

Eggshell colored upholstery and salt-and-pepper carpeting appear original as well. Driver's seat has one small rip on the upper outside bolster, the rest is fine. Original seat belts work.

Rear seats are flawless.

All lights work, even the backup lights. Note that the California license plate has a 2004 sticker, dating back to the last time the car was registered. It's out of the DMV computer now; there are no back fees. The car is smog exempt in California.

Trunk shows all the correct wood panels, covered in the stock gray vinyl.

We flushed the entire fuel system. Tank is clean; the fuel sender and fuel gauge work.
Notice the turquoise factory paint peeking through the black in isolated spots.

Date-coded spare still features the original Michelin tire. Factory jacking equipment is present.

Since this has been a California car from new, there is no rust other than light surface corrosion on the fuel tank, axle components, and exhaust system. We've noticed that the bushings of the sway bars are dry rotted and should be replaced.

We took the car out to a brief ride to the Ventura Harbor, taking photos along the way.

The car drives straight, indicating good front end components, but the rear shocks are worn out and rattle at the top mounting points, something that you may hear in the video. Brakes are in good working condition and anchor the car with authority.

What the car really needs is some final sorting, an "Italian tune-up" consisting of a few hundred miles on the freeway, and a quality paintjob in the original Turkis color. With a bit of detail work, this should easily be a $30K car, and depending on how far you take it, the value can only go up from there.

BMW 2002tii's are a rare breed. Even rarer is it to find a rust free, running and driving California car at a bargain price.
Opportunity knocks; are you ready to answer?

3:16 video of this car.


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