1977 Porsche 911S Sunroof

Bespoke RS/R Outlaw

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The hip decade of the 1970s saw some of the most exciting Porsche 911 models ever conceived by Zuffenhausen engineers in gray lab coats unleashed upon enthusiastic sportscar customers.

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Bigger engines, turbos, custom body parts and all manner of Sonderwünsche (special options) became available, enabling enthusiasts to tailor the venerable 911 to their personal taste.

Arguably, this trend was started by none other than matinee idol and privateer racing driver Steve McQueen, who, with his movie "Le Mans," gifted the factory with a huge promotional push and subsequently received a couple of bespoke, road-going cars from Mr. Ferry Porsche himself.

One of just 2,747 Porsche 911S U.S.-spec Coupes manufactured for the model year, VIN *9117201400* is a matching numbers example that has been painstakingly and carfully transformed into a bespoke, McQueen-style RS/R tribute.

A California resident from new, this 911S wears its vintage Sunset vanity plate proudly, stating "One-D-bar," which sounds like wunderbar, the German expression for "perfect, wonderful!"

The car carries a fresh, windows-out, superbly glossy paint job in the legendary, non-metallic Schiefergrau ("slate gray" - factory code #6801), a special-order color in 1977 and Steve Mc Queen's lifetime personal favorite. Furthermore, the car has been the beneficiary of a set of very subtle, expertly fitted, steel 3.0 Carrera flares and a top-shelf ducktail spoiler decklid, manufactured by Getty.
Let's look at the car closely now. We will discover many lovingly crafted details that certainly set it apart from the mundane.

Up front, French-specification lenses and an European license plae lend the car a little "Le Mans" touch.
Working trunk light and firm hood lifts are always a good omen, and the genuine Porsche tool kit resting upon the clean gray felt carpeting is certainly a most welcome sight.

Porsche's G-Modell machines were the first to come with a space-saver spare and single 12-Volt battery.

Detail pix of date-coded (11/76) spare and period tool roll.

Removing the spare allows us to inspect the vulnerable "nose" section for rust or accident damage and we are happy to report that there is absolutely none to be found!
Note factory tire jack in place.

Thanks to its charmed Southern California life, Porsche's undercarriage has not been harmed by the ravages of time or inclement climate. There is no corrosion, and every panel is dry, straight and true. There are no annoying leaks to bemoan, either.
Note stock exhaust system, which enables the car to pass the stringent California smog inspection.

Pristine floor pans!

Usually, the U.S. impact-bumper cars look a little tall; not so this one. We just had Porsche-Guru Jason of RS Enterprises in Ventura set the car to Euro ride height and corner-balance it. Orange Donauwellen Carrera side decal was specially made for us. Its color matches the RS/R script on the decklid. "S" rocker trim was shaved to create a smoother look.

Sunroof was just refurbished mechanically and works flawlessly.

The car comes with a set of special, 15x8J and 15x9J light-alloy FUCHS rims, These are not the commonly seen replicas but original, period-correct wheels. Tires are excellent high performance radials; there's lots of meat left on them.

Details, from left to right:

  • Oil cooler scoop
  • Expensive, enamelled orange bar hood crest
  • Chromed rearview mirror (no unsightly "elephant ear" mirror here)

Details, from left to right:

  • 15x8J FUCHS alloy wheel with polished lip
  • nodized door handle. Weatherstripping has been replaced throughout the car
  • Rear 15x9J FUCHS rim. Note excellent KUMHO radial tire

Details, from left to right:

  • New lenses throughout. Note narrow Euro bumperettes, a big cosmetic improvement over the unsightly U.S. buffers.
  • Duck tail with custom RS/R script
  • Vintage German "Sport Driving School" decal

Lightweight RS door panels have been installed. Power windows were retained.

Iconic 911 cockpit really doesn't need to be improved upon. We kept the "bling" to a minimum, opting for the clean lightweight look instead. Note radio delete plate.

Pilot's view. Steering wheel is stock, 1977 issue. Dash top has been re-covered with leatherette.

Classic VDO gauges, they all work.

Car came factory-equipped with the fabulous sport seats.

The seats' black leather upholstery has been optimized with orange-gray plaid inserts.

Gray perlon lightweight carpeting has just recently been installed.

We like the rear seat delete option.

Powerful stance. Note the aformentioned, slim bumperettes.

This '77 is a matching numbers car. Its 2.7 liter engine sounds fab and runs like a champ.

Toothbrush clean engine bay. We've recently performed a compression check and leakdown. As expected, the results were outstanding. A/C has been updated with a modern compressor on R134a, works as good as you'd expect on a vintage 911.

As clean underneath as it is up on top.

Wednesday, March 11 was another nice winter day here in quaint Ventura and we were looking forward to our test drive.

The car starts, idles, runs, drives, handles and stops extremely well, far beyond our expectations. It's nimble, powerful and strikes just the right balance of sophistication, utility and machismo.

Returning home, we are in lust with the 911S's intoxicating aural pleasures, its willingness to communicate with -- and, at times, challenge -- the driver and with its look, which drew a crowd of admiring onlookers everywhere we stopped.

The mid-year 911 has established a firm place in the Porsche collector's universe. Fully sorted, visually striking, matching numbers 2.7-liter examples such as this one offer a staggering return on investment. Not only are values stable, but the fun per mile and per Dollar is unsurpassed in a bespoke sports car at this price point.
Carpe Diem!


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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