Size Does Matter:

1972 Honda Z600 Coupe!

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Being a motorcycle manufacturer for many years, Honda's first attempt of an actual car was the Honda Z model, available as a Z360 for the Japanese market and a Z600 for the New World.

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The "big" Z is propelled by a 600cc 2-cylinder inline motorcycle engine that transfers all the power of 36 grown horses to the front wheels via chain drive. Thanks to the car's curb weight of just over 1,300 lbs., performance is lively, accompanied by a sound worthy of a sporty motorcycle.

These first, chain-driven cars have gained near cult status, and finding a perfectly rust and accident free example in fine fettle, like this one, is a treat of the special kind. It took us 18 years to own an N600, and over 20 years to find this Z600.

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