The Last All-Original 911 in Captivity?

1971 Porsche 911T
2.2 Coupe

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Indroduced to the public in 1963 as the successor to the legendary Type 356 , Ferry Porsche's Type 911 has become the epitome of the pure sports car concept.

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For many years, all 1964-1973 examples have been highly desirable collector's items. Here's a vintage car that not only drives like a modern automobile but also doubles as an ever-appreciating asset.

Most of the lightweight, early cars fell victim to the merciless rust cancer.
Since almost all of the surviving early "long hood" six-cylinder Porsches are firmly ensconced in collector's garages around the globe, it's getting very difficult to find an exceptionally preserved, all original example such as the one offered here.

Imagine our joy upon discovering this spectacular 911. It's the finest early Porsche 911 we've ever had the pleasure to own.

Leaving the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory in January of 1971, VIN *9111101010*, a life-long California car, was purchased brand new on September 15, 1971 at Ralph Cutright Porsche on Wilshire boulevard in Santa Monica by a Gentleman residing in Calabasas, Calif.for the princely sum of $8,800.00. A facsimile of the original bill of sale is included (and shown below).
The car remains 100% stock and virtually all original, including original Burgundy Red (code 017) paint, original black Leatherette interior, original Fuchs wheels, original drivetrain, even the original license plates, limiting replacements to consumables only.

The original U.S. EPA/DOT label resides, perfectly preserved, inside the driver's door jamb.

The original window sticker is included, making this great garage find even more attractive to the serious collector. The car still features all its original equipment, including the optional 5-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes, FUCHS light alloy wheels, retractable antenna and speaker, appearance group and tinted glass all around.
There's also a second, supplemental window sticker that contains the dealer-installed equipment, which is also fully accounted for. It encompasses the BLAUPUNKT AM/FM radio, AMCO bars front and rear, twin fog lights, and coco floor mats.

Here's a scan of the aforementioned invoice and of the cover page of the maintenance booklet. The first three California registrations are included, among assorted ephemera.
Fifty-seven service records, illuminating the car's mileage and maintenance history, are also included, confirming its provenance to the greatest extent possible.

Above: documented service history.

The first order of the day when inspecting a Porsche 911 considered worth purchasing is to open the bonnet and look directly into the horse's mouth, so to speak. Working hood struts and trunk light are a good omen.

Yes, we love to see the complete, unused factory jack and tool kit, neatly arranged atop the Joseph-Beuys-approved, gray Filz carpeting.

Of much greater significance is what follows next: careful removal of the trunk mat and close scrutiny of the spare tire well. Here, everything looks pristine and un-cut. We notice a corrosion-free, undamaged nose with perfect torsion bar and tow hook mounts, a pair of correct Group 911 12 Volt batteries and immaculate wiring leading to dual bakelite fuse boxes.

Amazing details.

More amazing details.

Even more amazing details. For the concours crowd: this car was shown in the preservation class at the 2002 Porsche Parade and scored highly, before being put in storage for the better part of 18 years due to the second owner's health issues.

This 911's undercarriage looks virginal throughout; nothing odious spoils the perfect picture. We don't hesitate to call it "as good as it gets." Hard to find like this? You bet!

100% rust free, and that's guaranteed.

A hallmark of the early Porsche 911 are the beautiful, classic FUCHS light alloy road wheels. These are optional, factory-installed 6Jx14 rims, still displaying their original, anodized finish, and shod with a brand new set of VREDESTEIN Sprint Classic radial tires of the corect 185HR14 dimension.

Now, let's check out a beautiful body. The 911's design is classically simple; what you need to see are perfect shut lines of hoods and doors, and smooth flanks. This superior example does not disappoint: Porsche's exquisite Burgundy Red (factory color code #017) is the original paint, applied 49 years ago at the factory in Germany! The sensuous body glistens like a priceless ruby in Ventura's spring sunshine.

Highly glossy and smooth, the paint shows just a few, very small imperfections; you'd have to hunt for them with a magnifying glass and they don't take away from the car's breathtaking beauty. Chrome "S" trim and weatherstripping is all original and in excellent condition throughout.

You can't restore originality.

Simply irreplaceable: factory original paint!

Porsche's cockpit is all business. From the original, leather-wrapped steering wheel to the 5 large, round, white-on-black gauges--yes, they all work perfectly, even the clock--to the switches and levers, everything looks familiar to the 911 aficionado. This layout is so perfect, it did not see any changes throughout the 911s production run, until the all-new 996 for the 2000s came along.

Dash pad is free of any worrisome cracks. Note the original coco floor mats protecting the dark gray carpeting.

Immaculately preserved steering wheel and gauge cluster.

Detail shots of the Koolaire A/C controls (the compressor was removed, many years ago) and the 1971 BLAUPUNKT radio, which is in perfect working order.

Perfectly preserved black leatherette front bucket seats feature basketweave inserts. Again, nothing beats originality.

Occasional rear seats have hardly seen any use. They turn the 911 into a true 2+2 Grand Touring car or can be folded down individually to create additional luggage space. Note immaculate original carpeting throughout - and rare lap belts in the rear.

A couple of close-ups. Everything shows like it's almost new, not almost fifty years old.

Rear end delights with 1971-issue California blue-and-yellow plate still in place, framed by the dealer-installed AMCO bars. Factory gold P-O-R-S-C-H-E lettering is a very appropriate touch for this special automobile.

How could this 2.2 decal in the rear window survive for almost 50 years?

Engine bay remains 100% factory original and untouched.

130-hp, 2.2 flat six was CanAm racing driver Mark Donohue's favorite Porsche engine, according to contemporary road tests. The old adage truly applies here: "It's way more fun to drive a slow (and light!) car fast than a fast car slow."

Toothbrush clean, the 2.2 is not a leaker. Engine and transmission are "matching numbers," of course, evidenced by copious documentation included with the car.

Friday, May 15th was another perfect day in our SoCal paradise and we were looking foward to our test drive.

Having just had the twin banks of triple WEBER 40 carburetors rebuilt and expertly adjusted by Jason, proprietor of local specialist garage RS Enterprises, to the tune of $2,500.00, the car starts, idles, runs and drives flawlessly. Clutch action is light, shifting through all five gears precise and the 4-wheel disc brakes display plenty of stopping power.

Piloting such a classic longhood 911 is pure joy. The car accelerates nimbly. Pulling away from a stoplight while smoothly engaging the gears never seizes to be fun. Negotiating the winding back roads of fabled Highway 33 is pure heaven for any true enthusiast.

Perhaps we don't need to harp on the amazing mechanical sounds emanating from the early Porsches. Suffice it to say, they are highly, intoxicatingly addictive.

Sunny day? Some spare time? A spirited drive in this pristine '71 might just be the cure for all that ails you. We like to call this car the fountain of eternal youth.

Returning home, we're in love. With life, and with this little Porsche.

Enjoy the video!


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