One owner for 44 years:

1974 Porsche 911 Coupe

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Nineteen seventy-four was a pivotal year for all vehicles sold in the United States, Porsche's 911 included.

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Thanks to the Federal Government, all newly sold cars had to be equipped with bumpers strong enough to withstand a 5mph crash without damage to the body.

Luckily, the strict emissions standards of the EPA that wreaked havoc with subsequent 2.7-liter 911s didn't take effect until the 1975 model year, making the first-year impact bumper, narrow-body models extremely desirable and sought-after by knowledgeable Porsche enthusiasts.

This particular 1974 Porsche 911 Coupe, VIN *9114102405* is such a rare bird. One of just 4,014 911 Coupes maufactured world-wide for the model year, it was sold new in Fullerton, California, and owned for 44-1/2 years by none other than Bud Bird, a well-known Orange County personality. The car has never left Southern California and still wears its original-issue California blue-and-gold license plates, front and back.

Accompanying the car is the original owner's manual as well as a stack of service receipts.

Having travelled a mere 90,554 miles in 45 years and having been always garaged and covered, the car presents extra clean to this day, which is reflected everywhere, including in the trunk compartment, which still contains everything from the the original felt matting, full factory tool kit and tire inflator, down to the yellow OWAFIX gloves and plastic tarp supplied by the thoughtful Porsche folks to protect the driver's neat clothing should a tire change become necessary.

Nothing but rust-free, accident free sheet metal here. Date-coded, inflatable spare has never been used.

Some neat details. Car is clean, clean, clean.

Perfect "nose," factory BILSTEIN tire jack in place.

Porsche's coachwork looks stunning, presents smooth and with perfect shut lines of doors and hoods. Lowered to European ride height specs, the car is a true retinal delight.

Porsche's Gemini Blue is one of the most beautiful and desirable period colors available. It really evokes the spirit of the carefree Seventies and embodies California's sunny disposition. Apart from some expected, minimal blems due to age and use, the paint looks fabulous throughout.

Of course, the iconic FUCHS light alloy wheels -- an extra-cost option for 1974 -- have to be part of the package. They are in fantastic condition and shod with excellent PIRELLI P6 radial perfomance tires of the size P185/65-R15.

Close-up of FUCHS five-spoke wheel and brake caliper.

911's interior is as well-preserved as its exterior, with a beautiful, factory perforated, off-white headliner and sun visors. Dome lights work, too!

Uncracked dash is one highlight of Bud's finely kept play toy.

Perfectly preserved VDO gauges are a feast for any aficionado's eyes. They all work, except for the clock which shows the correct time just twice daily. All lights and switches are fully functional.

Thankfully, this slicktop 911 is equipped with air conditioning, which actually not only works but also blows quite cold!
Note period BLAUPUNKT cassette-stereo; there's also a neat BLAUPUNKT equalizer installed. Only the best would do for Mr. Bird!

1974 was the first year for the high-back seats with integrated head rests. These present brand new as Bud always kept 'em covered with sheepskins.

1974-only upholstery material looks pristine.

Unused, folding rear seats. Note rear lap belts. Door and kick panels, carpeting and weatherstripping all remain in excellent nick.

Spotting a '74 model form the back is quite easy as they were the only impact-bumper cars sold in the U.S. featuring the subtler, narrow rear bumper guards.

Devoid of thermal reactors, catalytic converters, and other power-robbing equipment, the orignial 150hp 2.7 engine resides below the sloping deck lid.

Engine compartment is toothbrush clean and appears authentic-looking throughout. The BOSCH CIS-injected engine starts on the button and idles smoothly. Even the hand throttle lever works perfectly.

Clean and dry belly of the beast. There are no messy fluid leaks to bemoan. Car comes with an array for service records, establishing mileage and maintenance regimen.

Porsche's 1974 models were not yet subject to the zinc plating/galvanizing process subsequently used by the factory. Ergo, it's of utmost importance to find a car that has always been kept away from the elements as rust can be an old 911's worst enemy.

Thankfully, all's well with the Birdman's 911. The sporty Coupe always enjoyed dry SoCal garage storage and has hardly seen as much as a drop of rain in the past 45 years. Consequently, it boasts of a 100% rust free, pristine undercarriage, with all factory finishes still intact. Simply marvellous.

Wednesday, September 18 was another sunny late-summer day in our little Ventura paradise and we were determined to enjoy a spirited drive in Bud's 911.

Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The car runs, drives, handles, and stops with the best of 'em. Due to the special, 1974-only ring and pinion in the diff, it is oodles of fun to pilot at any speed. Above 4500 rpm, it really comes into its own. Lightweight and on par with a longhood "E", power-wise, the flat-six never disappoints.

It's no wonder the '74 model is being valued so highly among those in the know as being the best of the early, narrow-bodied 2.7 cars as it shows off Porsche's original concept of simplicity & speed to great effect. The '74 G-model really is the one to have.

Returning home, we are in awe of this little air-conditioned Coupe. Driving it sure brings back memories of our misspent youth as we lustily accelerate away from every stop sign and take it around the tight bends of Ventura County's backcountry with glee.

A rare and unusual find, Bud's blue steed, needing nothing, is ready for its new caretaker. Don't hesitate, cars like this beome available only once in a -- Gemini -- blue moon.



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