Super Rare Survivor:

1972 GMC "K" 4x4
1/2 Ton Shortbed Pickup!

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This exceptional GMC pickup is a collector's dream.

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It's a dry Western States truck since day one. Last year for the body style. Highly desirable color combination. 100% factory original paint. Shortbed. Custom 1500 half-ton four-wheel drive. Factory air conditioning. Just 80k actual miles.

Just how many of these 4x4s were manufactured by GMC in 1972? Due to a fire that destroyed the GMC archives, the exact number will never be known, however, as GMCs were built at a rate of approximately 1 to 5 Chevrolets and 6,000 Chevy 1/2 ton short bed 4x4s were made, we can assume that the production figure is right around 1,200 units for this model.

Break it down by color and equipment and this particular, original paint truck might be a one-of-one survivor. We certainly haven't seen a two-tone, white over light yellow, 1/2 ton, short bed, 4x4 with a blue interior, ever. Add the fact that this truck came from the factory equipped with Air Conditioning, and you have a sure-fire, ultra collectible winner!

Built on March 1st, 1972 at the Fremont, Calif. plant for delivery to Murray & Holt Motors, Inc. in Bend, Ore., VIN *TKE142Z509071* decodes as a 4x4 half-ton pickup with a V8, in this case a 350 4-barrel engine made to run on 91 octane, mated to a 350 Turbo Hydramatic transmission.

This being a totally original truck, we recovered the complete, undamaged factory build sheet from behind the seat back. It contains valuable information confirming numbers and equipment, such as positraction, A/C, power steering, front disc brakes, etc.

The original owner's manual, still in its clear plastic pouch and accompanied by the emissions control booklet, as well as a dozen or so records for maintenance and parts purchases, totalling $6,707.15, establish the provenance of this truck. In 2014, @ 79,998 mles, a top end job was performed to the engine. Today, the odometer shows 80,401 miles, believed to be the actual, total mileage of this exceptionally well-kept pickup.

Let's check this 4x4 out now, beginning up front, under the hood. For starters, there's no rust-through anywhere, no bubbling, no bondo or repair work to note.

Engine bay looks super clean and original. Amazingly, this pickup has never been restored, but it was always conscientiously maintained.

Details! A/C system was just serviced by us and we are happy to report that the A/C blows cold.

More engine bay detail shots.

Truck's coachwork has survived the past 47 years admirably. Sheet metal is all original. There has never been any rust-through or accident damage.

Fitted with the correct 6-lug, 15" steel wheels!

Wheels, trim rings and lug nuts all look fabulous. Note front locking hubs.

Incredibly, our pickup still features 100% of its original, factory applied two-tone light yellow-and-white paint. Sure, there are a myriad rock chips, fine scratches and other imperfections -- overall, this GMC's still-glossy finish looks terrific. As the saying goes, they are original only once, and this is one of the few original paint GMC 4x4 short bed survivors known to man.

Photo above shows our measurements of the paint's thickness.

GMC's blue interior remains in a wonderful state of preservation. Door bottoms are rust free.

Inside, the cab features yellow paint with blue trim and upholstery.

No cracks on the dash top.

Gauge cluster features the optional gauges.

Left: Factory "GM" AM radio and controls for the Four Season A/C and heater.
Right: factory black rubber floor mat.

Bench seat displays immaculate upholstery featuring the characteristic scrollwork. Note original, light blue seat belts.

Seat closeup.

Tail gate displays large "GMC" logo. Painted rear bumper. All exterior lights work perfectly, even the backup lights./

6.5' wide side pickup bed with protective, thick rubber mat.

Rust free undercarriage. Completely un-tampered with! This truck has never seen a salty road in its life.

Incredible. All the nooks and crannies are clean, dry, and free of corrosion. There's no Ziebart, no spray-can shenanigans, no patch or hole in sight. Just honest sheet metal. The "New Process" 205 transfer case has recently been re-sealed, mufflers have been replaced.

Monday, August 25 was another sunny summer day in our little seaside paradise and we were looking forward to taking the big GMC out for a test drive.

This GMC starts, runs, idles, drives, handles and stops like you'd expect from a low-mileage second-generation pickup.

Four-wheel-drive is working flawlessly.

This fine GMC is a heirloom-quality collectible and will make its new owner proud. You'll never see another Action Line 4x4 short bed pickup featuring these options and this special color combo!


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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