Grandpa's Pride and Joy:

1953 MG-TD Roadster

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Purchased a good quarter century ago by an elderly couple from San Buenaventura, this MG-TD has lived a cherished life.

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A black plate California car from early on, the MG never had any rust or accident damage. In the early 2000s, the paint faded and rubber and leather tired, it underwent a comprehensive nut-and-bolt restoration, where many N.O.S. parts were used. The car was driven very little afterward, mostly to local shows, and the owner's failing health -- and ultimately his passing a few years ago -- resulted in a longer-than-anticipated hibernation in a climate-controlled garage that's attached to the amazing Cinderella home.

And this is where we found it, under a car cover, sleeping, slighly dusty, but unreal preserved. Uncovering it was an almost mystical experience!
Now 94 years old herself, the owner's widow was ready to part with the car, and we felt privileged to become the new caretakes of it.

We rebuilt the brakes, cleaned the entire fuel system, rebuilt and adjusted the carburetors, installed a new battery, and a few minutes later she purred like a happy kitten. We drove the car on the 4th of July to see if it needed more sorting, but all was good. She's ready for a new owner and a new chapter of her life. Due to her simple mechanics, this MG will outlive all cars of the new Millennium by a mile.

An absolute bargain in the classic car world, this near-new MG-TD is a fantastic find.

We'll take more photos in the coming weeks, assuming the car is still available by then.


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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