With Electric Starter:

1965 Harley Servicar
with Custom Trailer

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Built between 1932 and 1973, the Harley-Davidson Servicar enjoyed production span of more than 4 decades.

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A brain child of the great depression area, the Servicar was aimed squarely at the automotive service industry. Its initial purpose was for it to be towed behind a car to be delivered to a customer. Thereafter the driver would unhook the Servicar and ride it back to the garage. No doubt about it, traffic was quite different when Ford Model T]s and A's dominated the streets of rural America.

Soon after, small businesses and mobile vendors adapted the Servicar for their purposes, and police departments used it well into the 1990s!

The 1965 Harley-Davidson Servicar prominently featured here has been a California resident from new. It is a fully functional, wonderfully performing vehicle, currently licensed, and comes with factory electric starter, which was first introduced in 1964, one year before the Electra Glide got it!

Details, from left to right: (1) Large, lockable steel trunk, (2) fuel-tank-mounted, gated Jockey Shifter, (3) electric starter button.

From 1937 on, all Servicars were powered by the W model flathead engine, which had a recirculating oil system, hereby allowing a much cleaner operation. It was used until the end of production in 1973.

Finished in fire engine red, this Servicar's paint sparkles. Although several years old, there are no imperfections deserving mentioning. No dings, no dents, no scratches, no rock chips.

Details, details, details . . .

Noteworthy, the "trunk" section of the servicar is made from American steel. No flimsy fiberglass here.

There's plenty of space in here. Note the little period box to the left: it contains the registration documents.

Thanks to the electric starter, firing up the Servicar's engine is a matter of pushing a button. While its design dates back to the 1920s, the Flatty is still a very capable engine, powerful enough for the Sericar to flow with the traffic.

It takes some time to get used to left hand clutch and throttle and the right hand jockey shifter, but once you've ridden that trike for a while, operation becomes second nature.

Make no mistake, this Servicar attracts attention wherever it goes, ridden or parked. It's not for the person who likes to be invisible.

Here's a rare opportunity to obtain an even rarer Harley-Davidson Servicar in stunning condition at a fraction of the market value.

If that isn't enough, how about we add to the deal a custom-built $3K trailer to transport your new Servicar?

Loading the Servicar on its trailer.


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