1976 Alfa Romeo
Spider 2000

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Introduced in 1966 and designed by Pininfarina, the Alfa-Romeo Spider is a living legend.

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Everything about it is race-car quality. Even 53 years ago it came equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, 5-speed close ratio transmission, a steel-sleeved aluminum engine with 7.5-quart oil volume, and a sport exhaust that emanates pure mechanical music.

If you like a Ferrari 275 Convertible but lack the discretionary funds to buy one, consider the Alfa Romeo Spider.

This particular one, built in March of '76, is a super rare bird on this side of the pond. Lacking a catalytic coverter, it was exempt from registration in California. Period. Now, a few decades later, things have changed, and this 'un is as pure as a US Spider can be, and, let's admit it, it's darn sexy as well!

Motorvation comes from a 2.0-liter inline 4, fed by a Spica fuel injection. We've been driving Alfa Spiders since the 1970s, but we've never encountered one that can rev from 1,500rpm to nirvana without the hint of a hiccup. Yes, Webers are cool, but fuel injection clearly has its advantages as well.

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