The Best On The Planet:

1991 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4

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Once in a blue moon we discover a classic that stands head and shoulders above a crowd of its peers. One that possesses the condition and provenance to be special.

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The 1991 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 proudly presented here is such a find. Now 28 years old, it looks like it was built just a few months ago, at the very most!

The big SUV was purchased brand new on January 7th, 1991 at Harlow Chevrolet in Encinitas, Calif. by none other than the famous comedian Red Skelton for use at his Rancho Mirage estate. Red Skelton starred in the eponymously named "Red Skelton Hour," a TV show on CBS that ranked continuously in the Top 10 during its 20 years on air.

This image, showing Mr. Skelton next to the beaming salesman in front of the dealership, is part of the documentation provided with the vehicle.

Being a big Hollywood star, Mr. Skelton was used to The Best, which reflects on the window sticker for his Suburban, too. The vehicle's list price was augmented by almost 50%, adding a multitude of extra-cost features!
Here's a partial summary:

  • Front and rear air conditioning
  • Third row seating
  • Tilt steering and cruise control
  • Power door locks
  • Automatic locking hubs
  • Saddle custom reclining bucket seats
  • Heavy Duty trailering equipment
  • Full size spare tire
  • Fuel tank and transfer case shielding
  • Quad shock absorbers up front
  • Remotely adjustable power mirros
  • 4.10:1 rear axle ratio

Obviously, all mumbers match on the Suburban.

The documentation accompaying Mr. Skelton's Suburban is nothing short of mind boggling. Every single registration since 1991, in its original mailing envelope, is accounted for. All of the original factory books, plus unopened instructional cassette tape and manufacturer correspondence, in mint original condition, are present as well, as are three sets of original keys, including the plastic emergency keys in their white vinyl pouch.

Every single maintenance and emissions test receipt, preserved inside clear sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder, comes with the car and provides an irrefutable picture of its mileage progression and service regimen. Apart from consumables, repairs needed were limited to one fuel injector, the alternator and the oil pan gasket during the past 28 years. Amazing!

After Mr. Skelton's passing, his grieving widow, Lothian, kept the Suburban garaged, serviced and ready to go. Finally, in 2016, @9,893 miles, she sold he SUV to a local gentleman who added less than 5,000 miles. As of today, The Suburban's odometer reads 14,908 actual miles, making this one of the lowest-mileage SUVs of its kind in the nation.
A clear and clean history report confirming the mileage is on hand.

There's not a speck of dust, no grease mark or oil stain to be found under the hood. All factory markings and tags are in place. The fuel-injected 5.7 liter V8, mated to the heavy duty 4L80-E four-speed auto tranny, purrs like a kitten.

Engine bay has not needed any detailing. Its untouched, "as new" appearance will satisfy the most fussy collector.

Suburban's "Rounded-Line" body style, introduced in 1973, remained largely unchanged for 19 model years, and this '91 is from the last year of this particularly long-lived design. This example was outfitted by the selling dealer with chrome running boards.
Coachwork remains in pristine condition. There are no dings, dents, nicks, chips or scrapes anywhere. The car was never involved in any kind of mishap, and it shows.

Mojave Beige over Sunset Goldmetallic paint is the 100% factory-applied original finish. It is in stunning condition throughout, with no fading, orange peel or other issues to report. What looks like a high-Dollar rotisserie restoration is, in fact, completely authentic, irreplaceable originality.

Lightweight, two-piece Centerline alloy rims were another dealer-installed option. Wheels are flawless. Hankook high-perormance radial tires have been installed just a couple of years ago.

Step up, step in. Door bottoms and sills do not show any kind of dirt or signs of use. We doubt that the car ever spent a night outside. It's highly unlikely that it was ever driven off road or in the rain.

New car smell, new car look.

Floor-mounted shifter for the on-the-fly actuation of the 4-wheel drive is visible here. Note factory rubber floor mats. Dash is in pristine condition.

No wear on the steering wheel, either.

Some details. Note the original stereo with tape deck and the switch to activate the rear A/C unit. Glove box contains the option sticker.

The comfortable captain's chairs feature built-in, dual arm rests. They look new, like they have never been sat on.

Close-up of the saddle custom cloth seat, part of the upscale Silverado equipment group.

Suburban is a true 8-seater. Second and third row seats can be folded flat individually to create various passenger and cargo space configurations.

Flawless. Note OG rubber mat in place.

Overhead console and pristine cloth headliner.

Immaculate carpeting throughout.

Another rear seat detail.

This Suburban features the attractive rear panel doors. The optional trailer towing package is equipped as well.
Check out the original, 1991-issue Calif. license plate.

Open wide!

Big SUV's undercarriage is of reference quality. There's no hint of corrosion, anywhere.

The many details reveal a true showroom condition. This Chevrolet has led an extremely pampered life.

Thursday, March 28th was another sunny spring day here in San Buenaventura and we were looking forward to taking our Suburban for a ride.

Chevy's finest starts at the first turn of the key and idles, runs, drives, handles, shifts and stops like the new car it truly is. All systems, including the dual A/C and multiple electric conveniences, work flawlessly.

This 3/4-ton Suburban 2500 is a very large automobile, indeed. Yet, with its finely tuned suspension, excellent, rear-ABS-supported brakes and smooth power steering, driving it is an easy task.

Returning home, we are in love with this Suburban. It drives every bit as good as it looks.

Manufactured between 1973 and 1991, the 7th-Generation Suburban has already achieved the status of a modern classic. The immaculate, fully documented, ultra-low-mileage example shown here might be the best example left on the planet. Far from being a museum piece, though, it can be shown and driven with pride, its celebrity provenance merely being the icing on the cake.


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