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2005 Maserati 90th Anniversary Cambiocorsa Spyder!

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The 2005 Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa featured here is #54 out of a total production run of 90 specially-equipped vehicles slated for North American delivery to celebrate the fabled manufacturer's 90th anniversary.

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Based on the GranSport, a long list of special features and options distinguishes the Anniversary Model from its brethren, among them added chrome trim, such as he engine air intake grille shown above.

Almost instantly upon its release, the Anniversary became a collectible car. Needless to mention, with less than 90 of those Spyders in America, finding a pristine example might not be an easy task.
Here's one that has always been pampered, showing just 21,043 actual, carfax-confirmed miles on the odometer.

Motorvation comes from the Ferrari-sourced, all alloy F430 4-cam DOHC V8 engine -- also known as F136RV8 -- delivering 390 lustily neighing horses, coupled to Maserati's famous electro-hydraulic manual 6-speed transaxle that does away with the clutch pedal and can be used either via steering wheel mounted paddle shifters or in fully automatic mode.

At $98,000.00 and change, this low-volume model was about 15% more expensive than a standard Spyder.
Here's a partial list of the 90th Anniversary's upscale accoutrements:

  • Numbered Anniversary cloisonne plaque on center console
  • Maserati fender shields
  • Titanium-colored brake calipers
  • Exclusive 90th Anniversary instrument dials
  • Exclusive two-tone leather interior with nickel-gray technical cloth accents
  • Anthracite carbon fiber interior trim
  • Anthracite carbon fiber center console
  • Special carbon fiber tonneau cover with aerodynamic fairings
  • Carbon fiber trim on roll bars
  • Extra thick leather steering wheel with carbon fiber trim
  • Xenon headlights
  • Dark Blue canvas convertible top
  • Fully power-operated memory seats with heaters
  • Silver painted seat backs
  • Anthracite leather rear cabin wall
  • GranSport lower body extensions
  • 19" Ball-polished GranSport alloy wheels

Perfect fit to the arched roll-over hoops: the carbon fiber tonneau cover with aerodynamic fairings, a 90th Anniversary Model exclusive.

Low-mileage Maser's cockpit remains in pristine condition. Note special carbon fiber "fat" steering wheel and nickel-silver technical mesh dash fascia.

Top speed of the 4200GT is said to be North of 180mph. Note special90th Anniversary insignia on tachometer.

Dark Blue-Gray leather looks stunning. The Enrico Fumia-styled interior is a true design masterpiece.

Supple leather. Most 90th Anniversary models were painted dark blue, only a handful came from the Modena factory in Grigio Trofeo over Blu Oscuro livery, making this car even more desirable.

Aggressive rear end features another chrome mesh grille flanked by four prominent, oval exhaust tips. Equipped with bypass valves, the exhaust is specially tuned to emit a lusty roar on start up and at full throttle, especially when in Sport mode.

Fully carpeted trunk. Car comes with all factory books and records in the original leather case, as well as the factory tool kit. A neat battery tender is also equipped.

Monday, Februay 11th was a beautiful, sunny day in our home town of San Buenaventura and we were jonesing for a nice test run in the Maser.

We are happy to report that the Spyder fulfilled all our expectations -- and then some. Equipped with the Skyhook active suspension system that electronically ties together ASR, MSR, EBD and ABS, the car feels safe at speeds that would render everybody but an experienced race car driver breathless.

Shifting with those paddles behind the steering wheel sure is fun - the one on the right is for upshifts, downshifting is performed with the one on the left. Simple. Or, just push a button and cruise down Main Street in fully automatic mode.

Driving through the twisties . . .

Freeway acceleration and cruising.

The Maserati Cambiocorsa 90th Anniversary Model must be the best-performing, best sounding street car we've ever driven. Along with its bespoke engine, active suspension and every creature comfort you can dream of, it features equally exciting looks -- thanks to none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design fame, responsible for penning 1960s and 70s Maserati icons Ghibli and Bora.

A true limited-edition supercar, the 90th Anniversary Spyder is already being recognized as a modern classic, admired as a prime-time collector's item and -- we think -- unsurpassed as an incredible ultra-high-performance roadster. Best of all, this fantastic Italian stallion can still be had for less than a used Nissan Altima.


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