Modern Hot Rod:

2000 Plymouth Prowler!

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Remember when car companies were taking chances and exploring new markets? The results were cars like the Viper, the Ford GT, and perhaps the wildest real-world dream car ever built, the Plymouth Prowler.

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Given the fact that bean counters and the bottom line matter more to a manufacturer than anything else, it's nothing short of a miracle that a car as utterly wild as the Prowler ever made it into production.

The 2000 Prowler offered here is one of those rare cars that's actually been driven and enjoyed instead of sitting as static art for 20 years, which means you can get in and start having fun right away!

This particular car is one of only 2,746 made for the model year. It has spent its life in sunny California under the tutelage of just two caring owners.

The modern interpretation of a 1930s Hot Rod, the Prowler, with Indy racer-style front suspension and wheels, can be used as a daily driver if so desired, assuming you don't mind being the center of attention wherever you go.

Motorvation comes from Chrysler's all-aluminum 24-valve 3.5-Liter V6 engine, which delivers a very healthy 253 horsepower via the Auto-Stick transmission to the rear wheels, allowing the light car -- 2,800 lbs -- to sprint from zero to 62mph (100 Km/h) in a breathtaking 5.9 seconds. That kind of acceleration was Porsche Turbo territory, just a generation back!

Engine and transmission are as clean underneath as they are up on top. We didn't observe any kind of fluid loss. Suspension components are in excellent condition, too.

Prowler Silver Metallic is one of the most attractive hues for one of these special cars as it perfectly evokes the great hot rods of the past.

Black fabric top is in excellent condition and easy to raise or lower.

Prowler's rakish looks are due to the factory's use of dramatically staggered rolling stock, consisting of meaty GOODYEAR EAGLE rubber of the size 225/45-17 (front) and 295/40-20 (rear)on factory alloy rims.

Factory-applied silver paint looks pristine, free of damage or fading. Car has never been in any kind of accident and comes with a clean history report.

Neat rollbar also acts as wind deflector, keeping the car snug during those sunset cruises down the Central Coast.

Retro dashboard is of a cool design, with centrally located gauge panel, hot rod style.

Easy-to-read gauges work as they should.

Sumptuous leather seats are well designed, allowing even a tall driver over 6 feet to sit comfortably.

Charcoal gray leather looks to have always been treated with hide food. It remains in beautifully preserved condition.

Trunk? Do I spot a trunk? you better travel light, my friends . . .

You certainly can't mistake Prowler's rear end for that of any other car on the road. Sexy!

Here's the immaculately preserved undercarrige, free of any signs of corrosion.

Fun fact: Prowler's internal moniker was "Prowler AIV," which means Aluminum Intensive Vehicle. This low-production specialty car was actually developed to learn about how to build aluminum components, some of which are still in use today. The fact that it also looks super cool was simply a nice side effect.

Thursday, April 25th was another sunny day here in our little Southern California paradise and we were looking forward to our test drive.

We are happy to announce that this Prowler does everything right.
It starts, idles, runs, drives, steers and stops just like its maker intended, with absolutely no issues to report.

Happy driving. A/C blows cold, heater heats, gauges, lights and gadgets all work as they should.

Let's drive!

List price for this car was $43,000 in 2000. Market prices for these modern collectibles are on the rise. Now's the time to grab a Prowler, as these cars most assuredly will never be more affordable than today.

Go ahead and snag this superbly maintained specimen for just 50 cents on the dollar.
You snooze, you lose!


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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