Modern Hot Rod:

2000 Plymouth Prowler!

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At a time where bean counters and the bottom line matter more to a manufacturer than anything else, it's nothing short of a miracle that a car as utterly wild as the Prowler ever made it into production.

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The modern interpretation of a 1930s Hot Rod, the Prowler, with Indy racer-style inbound front suspension and wheels, can be used as a daily driver if so desired, assuming you don't mind being the center of attention wherever you go. This particular car is one of only 2,746 made for the model year, worldwide, and prices are starting to go up, slowly, but steadily. Now's the time to grab a Prowler, as these cars will never be more affordable than today!

Motorvation comes from Chrysler's all-aluminum 24-valve 3.5-Liter V6 engine, which delivers a very healthy 253 horsepower via a Auto-Stick transmission to the rear wheels, allowing the 2,800 lbs light car to sprint from zero to 62mph (100 Km/h) in a breathtaking 5.9 seconds! That was Porsche 911 Turbo territory, just a generation back, folks.

Retro dashboard is of a cool design as well, with centrally located gauge panel, hot rod style.

Sumptious leather seats are well designed, allowing even a tall driver over 6 feet to sit comfortably.

List price for this car was $43,000 in 2000, and already some sellers are asking close to that for a splendid low mileage example. Grab this superb one for just 55 cents on the dollar. You snooze, you lose!


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