40,698 Original Miles:

1987 Porsche 944/951 Turbo!

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Porsche's 944 model finally received a huge performance boost in 1986 with the introduction of the turbocharged and intercooled 951 variant, popularly known as the 944 turbo.

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A 944 turbo is almost as fast as a 930/911 Turbo. It accelerates like a jet fighter off an aircraft carrier, with 0-60mph occurring in under 6 seconds.

The turbo presented here, VIN *WP0AA295XHN152071* was manufactured in March of '87 as one of just 3,210 U.S. 944 turbos and shipped to Southern California, where it was purchased as an engagement present for a 24-year-old lady from Ojai. Though she loved her little red sportscar, the family SUV soon became her preferred mode of transportation -- understandably, since she became the mother of four children -- and the Porsche, though always her first love, was used sparingly, on special occasions only. As evidenced by the clean Carfax report, the mileage climbed very slowly. Then, in 2018, the owner suddenly passed away. We were offered the car by her estate. And here it is, a "like-new," almost 32-year-old Porsche 951 with 40,698 actual miles.
Let's take a closer look now!

A breathtaking car in every aspect of its existence, the turbo's engine bay presents itself literally like new and 100% bone stock.

Porsche's 2,479cc inline four, basically half of the 928's 5-liter V8, produces 220 teutonic horsepower. It features an advanced Motronic DME, internal ceramic coating, forged pistons and is one of the first cars to have the same power output with or without a catalytic converter.

Clean bottom end - no drips or drops here!

This turbo is accident free. Coachwork is straight as an arrow, with no dents or dings to bemoan.

Standard equipment on the 951 -- and needed for brake clearance -- was Porsche's own phone dial 16" forged alloy wheel, shod with CONTINENTAL high performance radials all around. Big binders were lifted straight from the 911, feature BREMBO 4-piston calipers and 12" rotors. Option M474, sport shock absorbers, is also equipped.

944 turbo showing off its wide hips. The boxed fenders a la Ur-Quattro were immensely popular at the time and still look exciting.

Porsche's India Red livery looks simply stunning. Except for some paint correction performed to the left front fender, hood and front valance -- due to the unavoidable rock chips aquired on Ventura County's back roads -- the paint is 100% factory original. We've confirmed this by measuring all body panels with our electronic paint depth meter.

Option code M650 denotes the electric sunroof, which also can be completely removed -- as shown here -- and stored it its own black, protective bag in the car's roomy trunk. Headliner and sun visors present as new.

In 1987, the 944 became the world's first production automobile featuring driver and passenger airbags as standard equipment. Cockpit is as amazingly preserved as the car's exterior. Dash is absolutely free of cracking or warping.

All lights, switches and instruments -- including the-new-for-1987 180mph speedometer -- work flawlessly. The air conditioning system blows ice cold air on demand; even the automatic speed control (M454) works. Option M158, the original BLAUPUNKT Reno SQR26 stereo, is still present and functions well.

This turbo comes with the desirable driver and passenger side sport seats.

Seats wear Champagne leather (factory code LQ), and it looks fabulous. There are no stains, rips, tears or any unusual wear beyond the very gentle patina to be expected with a vehicle that is 32 years old and has seen very limited use. Having spent all its life in a climate-controlled garage, the 944's leather is still supple and exudes that intoxicating new-car aroma.

Folding rear seats -- note the lap belts -- have not seen much use and feature the -- optional -- leather surfaces as well. Tan velour carpeting looks factory fresh.

951's impressive rear. We'd mounted a new "turbo" emblem before deciphering the option sticker, just to find out that the car featured, in fact, option M498, the "rear model designation delete." Oh well.
Note car's original, 1987-issue California Sunset license plates.

Jensen Interceptor-like fishbowl rear window doubles as lid for the hatch. Trunk features the protective black roll-up cover.

Unused and minty fresh: full tool roll, plastic gloves and mat, tire inflation compressor. Just the things you like to find in a low-mileage Porsche that might be destined to be shown on the manicured lawn of a judged concours.
Naturally, books and manuals are included as well.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. To the left, you'll spot the rolled-up sunroof panel cover.

Reference-quality undercarriage, ready for show. Totally unmolested, this car has never been undercoated or been the unfortunate recipient of steam-cleaning or any kind of spray can artistry. Even the factory primer and faint red overspray as well as most of the factory-applied COSMOLINE protective wax is still present.

Details of a low-mileage survivor.

Fine floors are 100% free of corrosion.

Wednesday, December 12 was another sunny and warm winter day in our Ventura paradise and we were happy to take the turbo out for a spin, combined with a photo and video session.

Porsche starts, idles, runs, drives, shifts, handles and stops with aplomb. In fact, just a year before this turbo was built, the influential Car and Driver magazine had voted the 944 to be "Americas best handling car."

Piloting the turbo is sheer excitement. All controls are easy to use, gauges are utterly legible, steering wheel position is much improved over earlier 944s, seats are ultra supportive, shifting buttery smooth. You just need to be extra careful with your right foot as the 951 shoots forward like a rocket when the pedal is pushed down hard. No surprise, with 25 psi of turbo boost coming in @ 3,000rpm! At all times, due to the Mitsubishi-sourced, dual counter-rotating balance shafts, the inline 4 runs as silky-smooth as a 6.

Returning home, we are in love with this absolute gem. Being exceptionally well-built cars by anyone's standard, many turbos were used without compassion, to a point of no return. Those who have survived the ravages of time -- especially low-mileage examples like this one -- have now become highly desirable collector's items.

This barely used, true one-lady-owned 944/951 turbo will be a fine addition to any serious Porsche collector's stable. You could look far and wide but might never find another one like it.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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