Let the Good Times Roll:

1967 Volkswagen Beetle!

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Ownership of a vintage Bug is an almost mythical experience. If there can be love between man and machine, the Beetle is a most worthy object of desire. After all, it's not just a car; it's a Volkswagen!

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A classic Volkswagen Beetle offers everything one ever needs from a car, not more, not less. Without black boxes, oxygen sensors, power options, and electronic gimmicks, it is as pure and basic as it gets and thus destined to outlive its more modern siblings by generations.

But not all of them.
After more than half a century of loyal duty, many of these wonderful cars have been eaten alive by the merciless rust devil. Others were heavily modified by well-meaning but clueless owners . . . cut, lowered, engine-swapped, and customized beyond the boundaries of good taste, often to the point of no return. Rarely you will find a car that has been used as intended and allowed to age gracefully. A car that has never been restored and never really needed restoration, yet at age 51 can still serve as a super cool daily driver. Here's one!

Built late in 1967 and sold around Christmas time in Montebello, Calif., the wonderful Beetle presented here, VIN *117228080*, wears its signs of age with dignity and grace.

Word has it that this red Bug is a 2-owner car. The second owner bought it in 1979. Interesting, both owners lived in Montebello, where the car was originally sold new.

The car comes with original owner's manuals, in English and German, both in the original blue vinyl pouch with the Volkswagen dealer's stamp on it.

It's one of the last cars that were issued the now legendary California black license plates. In 1968, around the Summer of Love, California switched to blue plates.

Since this Volkswagen lived all its life in sunny Southern California, it was rarely was subjected to rain. It never had any rust, never needed any rust repair. Irreplaceable bumper stickers dating back to the 1970s tell us that its original owner attended the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, one of our favorite neigborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area.

Let's now have a closer look at this charismatic survivor, shall we?

The trunk is 100% original, with a "nose" section to die for. Nothing but healthy metal dressed in factory original paint can be found here.

Virginal undercarriage is devoid of corrosion, repairs, and spray can artistry. Half a century of service and still no rust! This is why you want to adopt a California car!

Curvacious body is straight with beautiful gaps and shut lines. Arguably, 1967 was the height of quality for Volkswagen.

Stock steelies carry stock hub caps and -- a first for 1967 -- beauty rings.

This Beetle has been repainted in the original Ruby Red color many moons ago. The paint is old, worn, flat, with multiple imperfections to boost. In short, it's perfect!

Sliding steel sunroof is a welcome extra. No rust here either, not even near the water channels.

Nineteen sixty-seven was the last year for the steel dash. It contains everything you need, nothing you don't. What we find most amazing is that there's never been a radio installed in here. How cool is that?

Gauges are beautifully preserved and they all work. Glovebox still carries the original cardboard insert.

Plain Jane seatcovers look splendid.

Rarely seen: original Volkswagen seat belt!

Rear seat covers are flawless.

Often a disaster zone: the area under the rear seat, where a leaking battery can do lots of damage, usually untected for a long time. Not so here, as the battery floor and both heater channels are original and corrosion free as well.

Sexy rear shows a homogenity that is inticing. Make Love Not War window sticker is a special treat!

The 1967 engine is special, as it's the first year for the 1,493 cc single port unit boosting 53 horsepower.

The Motor is healthy as the proverbial ox and runs beautifully, with no issues to report. It doesn't smoke or leak oil. Unlike a British car, it doesn't mark its territory.

More to come . . .

Let's drive!


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