Mother and Daughter's Delight:

1965 Ford Mustang Coupe

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The first generation Ford Mustang needs no lenghty introduction, being the origial "pony" car.

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Affordable to buy, cheap to maintain and restore, easy to live with -- this tidy 'Stang is a collector's delight.

Note the rare and desirable, original California black and yellow license plate, issued to this exact car in August of 1965!

Stamped VIN tells us that this Pony was assembled at the San Jose, Calif. plant. Factory door tag is still present as well. It renders valuable information. Apparently, the little Coupe was manufactured on June 26, 1965. It features the 200 engine, C-4 "cruise-o-matic" Automatic transmission, 3.20:1 rear axle and was finished in Silver Blue, with a two-tone blue bucket seat interior.

The car was shipped to Center City Motors on 1159 India St. in San Diego and purchased on August 6th, 1965 by Marie and Susan, a mother and daughter living in what was billed then as "America's Finest City." The car was titled in both Ladies' names and, according to log book entries, regularly driven by either one. Once Susan got married, the car moved with her to Mission Viejo, where it was regularly driven until 2003. Keeping it parked inside her garage another 15 years for purely nostalgic reasons, we were finally able to acquire this historical Mustang last October. When the car was purchased brand new in 1965, daughter Susan was a young graduate of Mission Bay High, today, she's in her early seventies and mother Marie is a proud 96 years old!

It's not too often that a 53-year-old Mustang -- or any classic car, for that matter -- comes with a plethora of documents such as the one included here. The glove box yielded an amazing treasure trove, from the original owner's manual with dealer stamps, the plastic Mustang owner ID card, the initial, temporary DMV receipt, to a couple of dozen shop receipts further establishing actual miles, maintenance and repairs, including a transmission rebuild.
A rare, vintage "I took the Mustang pledge" metal button was also found in the glove compartment. We have to wonder what exactly this "Mustang pledge" entailed?

There also is a stack of yearly registrations, three "Motor Record Books" with many entries documenting travel, gas mileage (usually around 22mpg), fuel purchased (still below 30 cents per gallon, back then) and tune-ups and five or six old San Diego street maps -- it would be decades before GPS came along.
The old, small, 1960s California "pink slip" ownership certificate (title) is present as well, of course.

The matching (3.3-liter) Thriftpower six develops 122 horses and is known to be simultaneously lively and frugal. It's mated to the indestructible C-4 automatic transmission.

Since the car had been sitting for a number of years, we performed a thorough service and changed all fluids. We also went through the complete fuel system, installing a new gas tank and fuel level sensor, a new fuel pump and filter, new hoses, and had the carburetor rebuilt. The car runs like a champ now!

Undercarriage is of reference quality. There is no rust now and there has not been any rust before. Even the original zinc-oxide primer is still present. Only in America's dry Southwest does a car survive like this, and our Mustang is a prime example.

Beautiful original floor pans.

Car's coachwork seems equally untouched. There are a few small blemishes, but no bubbles or other signs of corrosion. Chrome and brightwork match the generally well-seasoned impression. Doors shut smooth and silently, confirming the car's low mileage -- and, perhaps, the fact that it was lady-owned all its life.

Oh yes, this Mustang still rolls on its original 13-inch wheels, featuring the attractive stock hub caps.

Light Blue metallic finish (factory code "Y") is a repaint from 1980, it has held up well and exudes a mellow shine. There are a couple of small discolored spots on the hood; other than that, it's a very agreeable paint job.

Mustang's cockpit is dominated by the optional -- and quite valuable -- GT steering wheel.
There are no splits or cracks atop the dash.

Closeups of gauges -- they all work -- and floor-mounted, chrome-plated shifter for the C-4.

Two-tone blue leatherette front bucket seats look charming, are quite comfortable.

Upholstery looks original.

Mustang is a true 5-seater sports car. No complaints here!

Attractive rear view of the original Pony car. Bumper is lightly tweaked, but original. A brand new one would just set you back a measly $99, if so desired.

Trunk compartment is rather large for a sports car. Protective mat looks brand new. Original spare with thin white stripe is in place.

Underneath the trunk mat, everything is a-ok. There are absolutely no signs of corrosion and there is no prior accident damage anywhere.

Trunk details. Unbelievable clean and solid.

Monday, November 26th was another sunny day in our lively coastal town of Ventura. We were looking forward to hop into the 'Stang for a test drive and photo session.

We were not disappointed! the Mustang starts, runs, idles, steers, drives, handles and stops just as its makers intended. There is no overheating, no ill manners of any kind.

It's a very relaxed feeling to pilot a '65 Mustang. The amount of goodwill this car creates is phenomenal. There's smiles all around, from driver and passengers to pedestrians and other motorists who frequently feel compelled to give you a "thumbs up" when they are not busy taking cell phone pix of your ride.

The perfect cruiser.

Returning home, we're in love with this '65 Ford. It runs superbly and the car is so easy to drive, you wish everybody had taken a page from Mustang's play book. It floats along smoothly and quietly, free of rattles or other inconveniences.
With excellent parts availability and easy servicing built in, you'll be able to cherish this reliable automobile on the road for another 53 years.

Not often do we have the opportunity to present an iconic American classic that could comfortably serve as a daily driver, if so desired. Here's one fabulous example that we wouldn't hesitate to drive across the country tomorrow!


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
Please, direct all inquiries to or call us at 805-653-5551.