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1976 Mercedes 300D /8!

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Experts agree, the most durable Mercedes cars ever built are those of the New Generation W114/115 series, dubbed Strich Acht ('Slash Eight'), introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show of 1967.

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Manufactured for almost a decade, until 1976, and devoid of black boxes and electronic gimmicks whose failures eventually relegate even rust free late-models to the boneyard, Mercedes' New Generation cars are as solid as Sherman tanks and destined to live forever.

The /8 cars were available with a multitude of gasoline and 4-cylinder Diesel engines. First there was the 200D, followed by the 220D, and eventually the 240D. When there was no more room to further enlarge the cylinders, Mercedes just added another cylinder! Voila . . . born was the 5-cylinder 300D, called 240D 3.0 in the Fatherland.

The 1976 Mercedes-Benz 300D presented here, VIN *11511412042061*, was manufactured in December of 1975. It is fully loaded, which is highly unusual for a Diesel-powered /8, and its condition is that of a reference car.

Extensive documentation includes all original books and manuals, the original purchase invoice, and selected service receipts. The stamped service booklets documents the mileage shown on the odometer as the original, total mileage the car has traveled in the past 42+ years and the fact that this is a 1-family owner car, purchased originally by "dad" and passed on to junior in 2001.

The 300D is powered by Mercedes' OM 617 engine. With 5 cylinders of 600cc each, it has the torque of a tug boat, allowing it to cruise at freeway speeds for hours on end without breaking a sweat.

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