Gentleman's Express:

1972 Mercedes-Benz
280SEL 4.5 Sedan

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There is no doubt that today's Mercedes Benz automobiles are refined means of personal transportation. They are sleek and aerodynamic, chock-full of electronic gadgets, yet something is missing. They simply lack the charisma and old-world build quality of their classic predecessors.

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To this point, it has become quite a challenge to tell a new Mercedes apart from a BMW, Lexus, or other offering from Asia, and it's rather unlikely that any contemporary Mercedes sedan will ever become a collectible in the true sense of the word, let alone withstand the challenges of time as well as the W108 and - to some degree - the W126 did.

The 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL 4.5 prominently presented here is one of the last W108/W109 cars built. It's a long wheelbase model, sporting one of the most desirable color combinations available, with the big Vee Eight, leather interior, precious wood, power sunroof, air conditioning, console shift, and all the goodies money could buy from Mercedes, 46 years ago. As if that wasn't enough, know that it's a pampered, one-owner, California blue-and-gold license plate car, nicely documented. Yep, this one has it all!

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