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1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible!

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Marketed as the last Cadillac convertible -- ever -- and celebrating the USA's bicentennial, the Seventy-Six Eldorado was big. Really big.

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It also had the biggest V8 production engine ever put in a production automobile, genuine 500 cubic inches, or 8.2 liters, for the folks from across the pond.

Stunning in its wine-red metallic beauty, this Caddy offers an affordable entry into the world of superlative cars. If you've never experienced a car that glides silently like a swan on a lake, look no further.

A mere 3,653 miles ago, it was sold by Bill Kay Chevrolet for $16,990. We're asking $9,900 for this car now, what a deal!

So how big exactly is an 8.2 liter engine?
Glad you asked. Imagine a 2-liter V-twin motorcycle, or a 4.1-liter 4-banger. Not your average Honda, or is it?
Providing torque in spades, this Eldo engine runs smooth like that of a contemporary Rolls Royce.

It doesn't leak any fluids, doesn't smoke, and doesn't display any untoward behavior.

Accident free, the body is straight as an arrow. All of the brightwork is beautifully preserved. The power-operated white convertible top is free of rips or tears.

Repainted just a few years ago for $7,051 in its original color, the finish is marvelous and sparkles in the California sunlight.

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