1967 Sunbeam Alpine
Final Series 5

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Following Caroll Shelby's recipe of putting an American V8 into a small British Roadster, the Ford-V8-powered Sunbeam Alpine, called "Tiger" was a popular choice for big-cubic-inch sports car fanatics on a budget.

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Lately, these Tigers have attracted much attention from the collector car community, resulting in steadily rising prices, averaging well over $50,000 for decent examples, with show-worthy ones fetching even more. Of course, we all know that a "real" Cobra is now a Million-Dollar treasure.

At its core, a Tiger was nothing more than a hopped-up Sunbeam Alpine, whose factory inline 4, an engine as bullet-proof as it gets in the British car universe, was rated at 93 (some say 100) horsepower, enough to propel the little Roadster to 100mph.

The '67 Sunbeam Alpine "Series V" offered here, one of 19,122 made between 1965 and 1968, when Chrysler halted production not long after taking over the reins at the Rootes Group, is a particularly attractive car for the enthusiast who is conscious of the escalating cost of the hobby and wishes to enjoy topless British motoring on a budget.
Let's have a closer look now.

Devoid of undercoating and other spray can artistry, the 50 year-old car's undercarriage appears virtually virginal, with no rust or accident damage evident.

The Alpine's body is of advanced monocoque construction, with an integral under-floor X reinforcement.
British Racing Green finish presents nicely, with a great patina thats work well with the theme of a Roadster that has been loved and enjoyed for decades. Period Wolfrace - stateside often called "slot mag" - alloys work well within the sporting theme presented here.

Motorvation of this final series Alpine comes from the sturdy 1,725 cc Sunbeam inline-4, factory rated at 92.5 horsepower. Here, it breathes through a Weber 32/36 two-barrel carburetor. There are no fluid leaks to report, no smoke, nor any untoward noises. Being of 5 main-bearing construction, this engine has gained a well-established reputation for reliability and durability.

In tune with British tradition, the Roadster's black interior is all business.

Black wrinkle-finish dashboard is very attractive, with its array of Smiths gauges. And, yes, they all seem to work correctly, as do all the lights.

Nicely preserved instruments.

Black leatherette upholstery with white piping is in fine fettle. Bucket seats are very comfy. Note the perfectly-fitting tonneau cover (there is no top).

Interior close-up. Excellent carpeting. Wood-rimmed Moto-lita steering wheel lends a nice touch.

With the advent of the Series IV, the Alpine's quite prominent tail fins were toned down to create this vastly more flattering rear profile. The V-8 tigers exclusively came like this.

For a small sports car, the Alpine featured quite a large trunk. Took kit is included.

No rust on the trunk floor.

Friday, July 6th, was a very warm and sunny day here in our little San Buenaventura paradise and we were looking forward to our test drive and photo session.

The car starts, runs, idles, shifts, and brakes fine.

It's peppy and easy to maneuver; handling might be a bit on the cushy side, should improve greatly by installing a set of Bilsteins or other "sport" shocks.

Love the wind-in-the-hair feel and the sound of the motor!

Returning home, we're in love with the Alpine. It does everything you'd expect from a classic small-bore Roadster with aplomb and perfectly fits our personal description of minimalism. It's way more stylish and comfortable than a cramped Triumph or MG. A Series V is infreqently seen today while enjoying extra panache due to its Tiger connection. In fact, quite often those "in the know" complimented us on our nice "Tiger!"

The Sunbeam Alpine might be the last affordable, true sporting Roadsters from the swingin' Sixties. Here's a solid California example of the desirable Series V that can be used just the way it is, daily-driven if you're so inclined. This neat car will always attract a crowd and thusly deliver the most bang for the buck of all British sports cars.


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