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1966 Chevrolet Corvette
4-Speed Convertible

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Presented to a spellbound public in 1953, Chevrolet's Corvette has continuously captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts world-wide and is universally regarded as "America's Sports Car."

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None perhaps more so than the 1963 - 1967 second generation 'Vette, known as the "C2." Called Sting Ray, these mid-year Corvettes have always remained highly desirable. No serious car collection is complete without a C2!

The 1966 Corvette roadster shown here is a prime example of the breed. One of 17,768 made for the model year, it is one of 7,591 cars equipped from the factory with the optional 327 small block engine rated at 350 horsepower, coupled to a close ratio 4-speed manual transmission with the -- again, optional -- positraction rear end sporting the 3.70:1 ring and pinion.

Sting Ray features original body and trim tags. It was orginally sold in Texas, received a frame-on restoration in the early 2000s, and was later purchased by a well-known collector from Minneapolis upon inspection and recommendation by noted NCRS Master Judge Kevin Mackay.

Further optioned with the rare teak wood steering wheel, AM/FM pushbutton radio and power antenna (both work!) 3.70:1 positraction, back-up lights, and P48 aluminum knock-off wheels with goldline radials, most all factory correct components including the T-3 headlights are in place and have been completed to the correct date code.

During the past three years, the owner spent $6,576.81 improving this already very nice 'Vette, turning it into a show-worthy specimen that drives as good as it looks. All documents and receipts come with the car, including owner's manual with vinyl pouch and 1966 factory sales brochure.

Let's have a closer look at this head-turning Corvette now!

Pure joy. Finished in the correct Rally Red (factory code#974AA), paint and bodywork can only be called flawless. There are no cracks, bubbles, sanding marks or any other imperfections of note. Shut lines of all panels -- including the headlight doors -- are as good as it gets on a Corvette.

Black convertible top is brand new.

No sagging, no lurching, no limping. This car sits right! Suspension has been 100% dialed in with new components throughout; a 4-wheel alignment was recently performed, too.

Wheels are brand new as well. They are the original style 1966 aluminum knock-offs featuring the dark face with the brushed stainless steel cones. They are shod with expensive BFGoodrich radial gold stripe tires of the correct dimension.

Below the hood: a toothbrush clean engine bay.

Featuring the correct block casting # 3782870, the NOM 327 engine retains its original heads, intake manifold, carburetor, ignition and so on. Spent gases are eliminated via a set of HOOKER headers.

Everything looks immaculate, even underneath. We didn't notice any fluid leaks.
Transmission (case #3870354) is original to the car.

Another highlight: Corvette's breathtaking cockpit. Optional teak steering wheel looks simply gorgeous.

"Like new" is a fitting description. Every gauge, light and switch works as it should, including the headlamp doors, radio, antenna, and clock!
Check out the special Corvette dealer-installed clear floor mats.

Supplied by renowned specialist Al Knoch, the red seats, door and kick panels and carpeting remain immaculately preserved, with zero wear to report.

Eye candy of the highest order. Interior is correctly finished to trim code #407BA, as delivered.

Ready for show and go.

Immaculate top compartment.

Iconic C2 rear. All factory correct lenses. Perfect, mirror-like bumper chrome. Correct exhaust tips.

Every child knows that all Corvette bodies are made from fiberglass, which can't rust. The frame is a different story, though. We are happy to report that our '66 is as perfect underneath as it is atop. There's absolutely no frame damage, rust, fiberglass delamination or any other malady to be found. Aluminized dual exhaust and mufflers look new. Spare wheel is accounted for, too.

Friday, July 20th was another bright and sunny day in our little paradise of San Buenaventura and we were itching to go for a ride in our "little red Corvette."

The car starts, idles, runs, drives, handles and stops as new.

It's a joy to pilot a real, hairy-chested, Sixties American sports car. There's none of the excess weight and cushiness of today's bloated offerings. You feel every single horse under the hood and are able to spin the tires at will, in every gear -- while YOU are in charge, not a random computer program.

Driving through town.

Driving on the freeway.

With its potent 327/350hp engine, 4-Speed tranny, and posi rear, it's as close to perfect as you'd want a true macho sports car to be. If it were any nicer, you'd have to park it on the carpet in your living room.

A true 60s cult object, the C2 Stingray is as iconic as they come. Buy it now and enjoy being admired and envied wherever you go.

The Corvette roadster is second only to the equally famous Shelby Cobra when it comes to sheer gutsy V8 performance. The good news it you can buy about twenty show-worthy Sting Rays for the price of one Snake. Opportunity knocks, are you ready for the big thrill?


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