1995 Mercedes-Benz SL 600
2-Top Roadster!

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In the automotive realm, a V12-powered car is the king of the universe.

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Now take one of the finest cars to ever carry the 3-pointed star, add super low mileage and near-new condition to the aforementioned V12 engine, and you have a true winner!

The 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL600 V12 Roadster proudly displayed here is a prime example of the finest of all R129 cars made. With its MSRP of $120,575.00, having a vee twelve engine made it $30,000.00 more exensive -- and vastly more exclusive -- than its V-8 powered cousin, the SL500.

Sold new on October 13th, 1995 to the head of a Los Angeles engineering firm, the car spent all its life in the Golden State. It comes with full books and a clean carfax record that outlines the major services this fine Benz has received. Documentation includes owner's manual, data card, maintenance booklet, service directory, MB car care guide, and roadside assistance brochure. Radio and key code cards are present as well.

This SL was driven sparingly, less than 2,500 miles annually, on average. Current actual mileage is 59,361.

Engine bay looks showroom fresh. Motorvation comes from the 6.0 liter, 48-valve DOHC V12 M120 engine, delivering a staggering 389 horsepower with an ease that turns any Ferrari red with envy.

The top-of-the-line SL600 comes only in one version: fully loaded!
Beyond the usual power aids, technical aspects include 4-wheel ABS braking, stability and traction control, limited slip differential, and electronic self-levelling suspension.

Very clean. No fluid leaks to report.

Here's the SL600's profile with the optional alloy hardtop installed.
Finished in the desirable jet black (factory code #040), this Star Cruiser's body is as straight as an arrow, with gaps and shut lines as superb as those of surgical equipment. Paint is still partially original. We've measured it carefully with our electronic paint depth meter and found no body filler anywhere.

And here's the car with its optional black canvas roadster top.

Beautifully lazer-straight!

The owner of this fine Daimler withstood the temptation to "up-grade" from the elegantly understated, factory 8-hole alloy wheel (code #652) and, thankfully, kept the car all original. Shoes are high-performance CONTINENTAL speed plus radials of the correct 225/55ZR16 dimension. Barely three years old, they remain in outstanding condition.

Hardly ever used, perfectly preserved, with crystal-clear windows: the canvas convertible top.

It opens and closes at the push of a button, without any issues.

The black paint appears to be a mile deep, with a finish as magnificent as that of a Steinway concert piano. You'd have to use a magnifying glass to detect a micro-sized rock chip or two.

SL600's plush cockpit looks phenomenally well-kept, just like you would assume from a car that's always been garaged in Southern California, to be used as a sunny Sunday play toy only.

All gauges, lights and warning lamps work. Real burled walnut wood on center console looks fabulous. Note original Becker "MB Exquisit" stereo. It comes with 8 speakers and a 6-disc CD changer in the trunk. The car features every available 1995 option, including sound package, keyless entry and anti-theft system.

Black on black Mercedes features interior code #571, according to the data card that's included.

Seats and door panels are "Exclusive Black Leather" according to the factory code. Both power front seats have heaters and memory functions. Leather is very well preserved and still supple.

Rear seats are mighty small.

Pure luxury.

Rear view shows built-in wind deflector. Speeding topless in the 600 will not mess up your hair!

Nice-sized trunk features spotless gray velour covering.

The aforementioned 6-disc CD changer and the unused, full-size spare. Note tool roll.

Pristine undercarriage. 23 years old, the car is as well-preserved as only a Southwestern car can be. No surface rust, no bubbling, no corrosion anywhere.

Exhaust system and catalytic converters are in excellent condition.

SL600 starts, idles, runs, drives, handles and brakes as its Stuttgart creators intended.

No issues.

A very powerful machine.

Wind deflector in the upright position.

Wind deflector down.
A SL600 is a fantastic bargain. Where else can you have so much fun in such a prestigious package for so little?


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