Low Mileage Original:

1988 Porsche Carrera 3.2
G-50 Cabriolet

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Porsche experts agree: the 1987-89 Carrera 3.2 is the best 911 ever built. It is the last 911 to feature a body style now considered "classic" while incorporating technological advancements such as the vaunted BOSCH Motronic engine management and the fabulous G-50 transmission with hydraulic clutch operation.

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Sure, subsequent generations of the 911 yielded good cars, too, but the late-eighties Carrera struck the perfect balance between old school and jet age. It was assembled manually by humans, not robots and is a far cry from the hyper-complex, heavyweight 4-seater offered up by Zuffenhausen today. It's literally the last user-friendly Porsche that can be worked on with hand tools instead of plug-and-play computers.
[[ an ALL original black leather interior with factory-ordered red piping, like-new 7" and 8" Fuchs wheels shod with BRAND NEW Continental tires, as well as the coveted G-50 transmission, all of this wrapped up in a convertible body, it's hard to imagine improving on a package like this. ]]

Original, low-mileage 3.2 Carreras have already made the smooth transition from dream car to highly sought-after collectible. This prime specimen was sparingly used as a sunny day toy, covering just 63,900 miles in 30 years. That's just 2,130 miles annually, on average!

Interestingly, the 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible presented here, VIN *WP0EB0914JS171271*, is one of just 2,116 U.S. spec Cabs manufactured for 1988, the penultimate model year for the 3.2 Carrera.
Let's have a closer look now.

Starting with the so-called frunk (front trunk), we find the original gray felt mat to be in fine fettle. Trunk light works, hood struts are strong - all signs of a well-taken-care-of 911.

Unused for 30 years: the factory tool roll.

Underneath the mat, trunk compartment presents itself immaculately clean, free of any corrosion or other damage.

Even the vulnerable battery tray appears like new.

Having benefitted immensely from a life lived garaged, in Southern California, Carrera's undercarriage looks all original, bone dry and well-preserved. All factory-applied finishes are still in place. No signs of any kind of mishaps.

The all original, factory applied Guards Red paint (code #L027) looks fabulous, with the finish presenting very glossy and smooth. There are a couple of shallow dings the car acquired during storage, however, there are no dents, bubbles, or scratches that would cause an aficionado of the marque sleepless nights.

Carrera comes loaded with options. An important one is the electrically operated cabriolet top (M439). We've just had a brand-new black German canvas top installed, at a cost of $1,400.00.

There are no latches to lock or unlock, one button does everything. This power top works flawlessly.

Besides the electric top and air conditioning, there's a lengthy list of other noteworthy options, including:

  • Leather seats with electrical adjustments, left and right (M378/380)
  • Power windows (M651)
  • Central locking system with integrated alarm system (M533)
  • Power mirrors, left and right
  • Cruise control (M454)
  • Spoiler package, front and rear (M473)
  • 10-speaker Hi-Fi sound system
  • Windshield antenna with amplifier and noise suppression
  • Rectangular fog lights (M566)
  • Automatic two-point rear seat belts (M185)
  • Sport shock absorbers (M474)

We've just ordered and installed a set of brand new German CONTINENTAL extreme contact super high performance tires of the correct dimensions, 205/55-16 up front and 225/50-16 out back.

Iconic, special order seven-and-eight inch FUCHS light alloy wheels have just been expertly refinished and, shod with the new Continentals, look simply stunning.

Carrera's 30-year-old cockpit looks flawless. There are no hairline cracks on the dash. The car's long-term owner, a busy airline pilot, seldom found time to use his pride and joy and thus the Porsche was covered and parked in his climate-controlled garage at all times.

Stealthy: motorized in-dash unit!

All lights and VDO instruments work as designed, as does the Kienzle clock! Note fine state of preservation of the leather-rimmed, factory steering wheel. This G-50 Carrera has "low mileage" written all over it.

Yes, the power seats were ordered from the factory finished in black leather with red piping, bearing witness to the prevailing culture of "customer is king" at the factory during the 1980s, when the Sonderwuensche ("special wishes") program was in full bloom.

Fantastically preserved: supple black leather.

Hardly seen any use: folding rear seats. Note lap belts and fine, black canvas tonneau cover for the convertible top.

Sexy rear of the Carrera cab. Check out the correct non-turbo rear wing.
Still affixed to the car: original, 1988-issue California license plate.

Engine bay looks toothbrush clean.

The 3.2-Liter engine featuring BOSCH MOTRONIC is said to be near indestructible. The factorymatching numbers motor runs excellent, delivering 217 strong Teutonic horses at 5,900rpm. Having just received a $1,500.00 inspection and fuel injection service by our local Porsche specialist garage, it sounds and feels like it just came off the showroom floor.

Let's go for a test drive now, shall we?

This Carrera starts, idles, runs, drives, shifts, handles and brakes just as Pofessor Porsche intended. The special feeling of piloting a vintage G-50 Carrera is hard to describe. Most fitting would be to just call it addictive.

This Carrera is easily one of the smoothest performers we've ever encountered among all the pre-1990 Porsches we've owned over the years. Docile, yet powerful, it clearly communicates all the outstanding traits aficionados cherish on 3.2-liter 911s.

There's no squeak or rattle, no vibration or shimmy. You simply can't fault this Carrera Cab's road manners.

Returning home, we marvel at the Cabriolet's performance acumen. Super fast yet rock solid, this Carrera is easy to maintain (remember the famous Carrera chain tensioners), inexpensive to insure, fully accepted by the PCA crowd, and looks as good as a late-model Ferrari, at a fraction of the cost. What a deal!

Be it as a prestigious everyday sports car or a cherished collectible, this all-original, low-mileage, well-optioned Carrera provides unequalled driving enjoyment. Keep it garaged, tuned and detailed, and you'll enjoy driving a prestigious collectible Porsche, worry-free, for a long time to come.


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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