Just Mind-bogglingly Clean:

1988 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2
G-50 Targa!

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Here's a Porsche Carrera that ticks all the boxes!

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In the realm of the air-cooled Porsche 911, the 1987 - 1989 "G50" equipped model occupies a special place. The ultimate edition that still features the classic 911 bodywork, its build quality is legendary. The improved G50 5-speed manual transmission elevates these late-eigthies Carreras another rung up the ladder of desirability.

Finding a perfectly preserved example, preferably from the dry Southwest, accident free, with low mileage and a well documented service history, at a price that won't break the bank, has become a bit of a tricky proposition, as most owners are quite reluctant to divest themselves of their garage-kept treasures.

This Guards Red specimen, built in July of 1987 and sold new in Orange County, Calif. to the proprietor of an insurance company, VIN * WP0EB0910JS160574 * is such a lucky find. Owned from new by adult Porsche enthusiasts, it led a pampered life in the Burbank garage of its retired owner for the past 15 years, only being driven occasionally, as a sunny-Sunday play toy. Having known of and pursued this beauty for years, only due to the owner's advancing age and diminishing physical abilities were we finally able to purchase the car.

Pop's California vanity plates will be included in the sale.

Books and records? You bet! Apart from the original owner's manual, maintenance booklet (containing the underhood sticker), and various manuals for alarm, stereo etc. as well as a copy of the squeaky-clean history report, there are about four dozen records for servicing, going back to 1997. Kept in a black three-ring binder, these documents are neatly chronologically filed and total $18,647.09.

Beginning our inspection up front, we are pleased to find every factory-supplied accessory you'd expect from a show-worthy 911, namely the full tool kit and the tire inflation pump in its original case.

After removing the spotless gray felt mat, we marvel at the ultra-clean state of the trunk compartment.

No damage, no corrosion anywhere, not even underneath the battery! The flawless presentation of all the little nooks and crannies elevates a merely good car to the status of greatness, and this one really shines.

The good news continues underneath. Undercarriage appears unmolested, as delivered, with the factory-applied cad-plating, traces of Cosmoline here and there, and no weather- or wear-related issues at all to report.

Guards Red (code #L80K) is widely appreciated as an iconic 1980s Porsche color. Coachwork is arrow-straight and paint finish remains glossy and smooth, without any blemishes, such as dings, bubbles, scratches or dents. Just spectacular!

Targa top and seals are in "like new" condition.

Car seems to be sitting at "euro" ride height.

Factory-ordered FUCHS light alloy wheels have been refinished. Bridgestone Potenza high-performance tires were installed in 2016, less than 500 miles ago.

Classic Porsche 911 cockpit. No cracks on dash, perfect leather on steering wheel. Apart from the updated JVC stereo, it's all original and perfect in here.

Clear gauges. They all work. Cold A/C.

Superb original black leather seats. Left and right 8-way power, all switches working.

Factory leather, still supple.


Very attractive rear end - this one came from the factory without the spoiler kit.

Toothbrush clean engine bay houses the numbers matching 3.2-liter flat six engine.

Engine runs like a fine Swiss watch. Documentation shows frequent oil and filter changes, some A/C work, and timely replacement of the usual consumables.

Look Ma, no leaks!

Friday, June 1st, was another picture-perfect day on the Southern California Coast and we were excited to take our Porsche for a test drive.

Porsche's Targa - a timeless idea. Pairing real-time open-air fun with safety and stability since 1967!

This Carrera truly starts, runs, drives, handles, shifts and brakes as good as it looks.

It's easy to fall in love with this red Porsche.

Coming home, we are amazed once again how Porsche was able to deliver unmatched build quality, over 30 years ago. No wonder each and every 911 is cherished today, not only as a valuable collector car, but to be driven as Dr. Porsche intended.

Here's a fine opportunity to acquire one of the few pristine original, low-mileage 1987-9 G50 Targas in captivity. It's a purchase you'll always hold dear. We don't have a crystal ball, but we are confident that this gorgeous Carrera Targa will continue to be a steadily appreciating asset.


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
Please, direct all inquiries to bill@californiaclassix.com or call us at 805-653-5551.