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1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe

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There are some automotive designs that have weathered the raviges of time admirably, and the 1st generation of Ford's Mustang certainly falls into that category.

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Now way over half a century old, the Mustang looks still utterly appealing to the eye, and it's actually one classic car that could assume duties as a daily driver, if so desired.

This particular Sixty-six "C-code" Coupe that is still powered by its factory 289 V8 engine, has been a California resident from new.

It's 100% rust and accident free, in superb original condition inside out, unrestored, yet has received any attention and care needed, whenever needed.

Back in 1966 there was no such thing as a vanity license plate in California. License plate combinations were assigned randomly. Yet this car, sold by Cort Fox in Hollywood, California, "mysteriously" got a FOX license plate combination assigned by the Hollywood Department of Motor Vehicles, some 52 years ago!
The unobtainium license plate frame and both the original black license plates are still with the car!

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