Absolutely Stunning:

1979 Porsche 911 Super Carrera
Sunroof Coupe

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A long-time Arizona car, this factory black-on-black 911SC just recently was the recipient of a major mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment, addressing virtually all of the common issues of a car that's almost 40 years old.

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Starting with a well-preserved, rust-free example, the drivetrain was rebuilt as needed. On the engine side, mainly the cylinder head (including the head studs) and valve train areas had to be addressed. The type 915 5-speed transmission was completely rebuilt. Ancillary assemblies, such as clutch and fuel injection, were also treated to a close inspection with any out-of-spec parts being replaced as needed.

The sound of a healthy, fresh three-liter boxer motor creates pure joy in the heart of any true gearhead and handling the legendary type 915 tranny is part and parcel of the vintage Porsche experience.

A plethora of receipts for parts purchases and labor accompanies the car, as well as a spread sheet totalling $27,284.45 in expenses since 2014 - which did not include the complete update of the A/C system and the installation of a brand new factory dash.

Yes, it doesn't come cheap to turn a nice "driver" into a truly great example of the marque.
Let's now inspect this fine specimen in more detail.

Correct gray felt mat graces the luggage compartment.

Super clean trunk floor. Unused spare.

No signs of any accident damage or corrosion.

Superb undercarriage. Note the new Bilstein shock absorbers all around.

Due to some age-induced sun fading, it was necessary to remove the original black paint.

The whole car was carefully stripped down to bare metal, a tedious undertaking involving many hours of manual labor. Windows and all accessories were removed before applying a fresh coat of Porsche's black (factory code #700) livery. Again, there were no signs of corrosion or previous damage anywhere!

Needless to say, the finished product looks utterly impressive. There are no scratches, bubbles, dings or dents, anywhere. Door and window seals have been replaced during re-assembly, of course, along with a multitude of soft trim items.

The factory FUCHS light alloy wheels were restored to their proper finish by Bolton's Wire Wheels in Gardena. Tires are near-new Michelin Pilot high-performance radials of the correct sizing all around.

Electric sunroof functions flawlessly. Black, perforated headliner is brand new. All lights work, including the dome lights.

Porsche's classic cockpit. Due to decades-long exposure to the Arizona sun and the resultant fading and hairline cracking, the dash was replaced with an expensive factory unit.

Seats still wear their original, factory-installed black leather covers with pride, displaying just the right amount of patina.

Occasional rear seats, side panels, parcel shelf, and black velours carpeting all present exceedingly well.

Bone stock and wing-less: the muscular rear of the classic 911SC.

Engine bay appears toothbrush clean.

As clean underneath as it is atop. Less than 1,000 break-in miles have accumulated since the drivetrain was comprehensively rebuilt.

Dozens of pictures documenting the mechanical restoration by Redline Services in Arizona accompany the car.

Car drives as good as it looks. It starts, idles, steers, handles, accelerates, and stops as new.

Plenty of power on tap from the 200hp flat six!

All gauges work perfectly, including the Kienzle clock! Note period Blaupunkt stereo. A/C blows ice cold on demand.

Sinister black might be the most desirable finish for this generation of 911.

Super nice but not too nice or old to be driven spiritedly, this 1979 911SC might be the "keeper" you've been looking for. It would be hard to duplicate this great Porsche for the money, that's certain.


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