Possible 911"R" Clone:

1967 Porsche 911
Sunroof Coupe

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Back in the 1980s, updating your old 1960s Porsche 911 to look like a turbo Carrera was as hip as it is today to backdate any short-hood 911 to long-hood looks.

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At some point in its life, the owner of this genuine 1967 nine-eleven Sunroof Coupe wanted it to look like a more modern car, and the rest is history.

Congnoscenti of the marque know that a good Sixty-Seven is a car worth between $75K and $100K any day, way more if it's an early, first-year "S." Reversing what has been done to this 911 thirty-odd years ago would make a lot of sense on many levels and could turn out to be a pretty shrewd investment as well.

Serial number *305613* translates as an early 1967 model, built late in 1966.

This car is solid as a rock, yet a bit cosmetically challenged.

Aside from some typical surface corrosion, there is no rust on the undercarriage or in the trunk.

The vulnerable "nose" section is also rust free with no signs of previous accident damage.

The body is straight, the period metallic blue paint almost presentable. If desired, you could drive this car "as is" until you have saved up the funds to do the backdating.

Black leatherette headliner is in good condition. Sunroof works!

Nine-Eleven's classic 5-gauge dash looks fine. Two-piece dash top has been re-covered in vinyl. Sport steering wheel is aftermarket-sourced.

Odometer shows 01,240 miles.

Leather front seats are in good condition.

Occasional rear seats are fine.

Super Carrera tail.

Nine-Eleven's 2.0-Liter engine runs strong and is neither a smoker nor a leaker.

Engine number *909351* decodes as a 1967 production date; yes, this seems to be a "matching numbers" '67.

Undercarriage is superb for the year, with just minimal signs of negligible corrosion.

There you have it, an attractive Porsche 911 that hides its real value underneath its rejuvenated skin. It's a perfect car for someone who has the skills to do bodywork or knows how to farm it out to the right people.
There are quite a few possibilities here, none the least would be to turn this car into a 1967 "R" model, in the vein of Magnus Walker, perhaps. It would almost be a cakewalk, since the early "R" came straight from the factory with many fiberglass parts, auch as hoods and front fenders. Given the "R" treatment, this early 911 could be a real, lightweight canyon carver -- and a true crowd-pleaser, too!
Just food for thought . . .


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