Cool California Pony:

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe!

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The first generation Ford Mustang needs no lenghty introduction, being the origial "pony" car.

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Affordable to buy, cheap to maintain, easy to live with -- this tidy 'Stang is a collector's delight.

A California car all the way, our little Coupe was manufactured on May 17, 1966 at the San Jose plant and subsequently sold in Arcadia, Calif. to a newlywed school teacher. Amazingly, the car still displays its authentic, 1966-issue California black-and-yellow license plates, front and back. It appears to be 100% rust free, as honest as the day is long, and sympathetically refurbished when the need arose. What a find!

The matching (3.3-liter) Thriftpower six develops 122 horses and is known to be simultaneously lively and frugal. It's mated to the indestructible C-4 automatic transmission.

Both engine and tranny have just been rebuilt. Needless to say, this pony purrs!

All original -- untouched! -- undercarriage speaks volumes about this car's sheltered life in sunny Southern California. There's no accident damage to be found, and not a speck of rust, anywhere.

Car's coachwork seems equally untouched. There are a few small scrapes and dings, but no bubbles or other signs of corrosion. Chrome and brightwork match the generally mellow impression.

Attractive black vinyl top looks to be a very recent replacement, features the original pebbly grain.

Deluxe hubcaps on steel wheels shod with excellent radial tires.

Emberglo Poly (factory code #V) is a most attractive, period color, original to this Mustang. Re-finished once, decades ago, there are lots of small blems from use, resulting in a patina only time can create. This vintage '66 has truly aged like a fine wine!

Black standard interior is all new.

Headliner is new.

Dash pad is new. Carpeting is new.

Classic, unaltered Moostang cockpit.

Seat upholstery is new.

Rear seat covers are new. Package tray is new. Door panels are new.

All the lights work, even the optional backup lights.

Rust free trunk, original mat, spare, and jacking equipment.
Let's go for a ride!

Friday, February 2nd turned out to be another lovely winter day in the Southland. We headed for the hills to let the pony roam a bit and snapped these photos along the way.

The Mustang starts, idles, runs, drives, shifts, handles and brakes as you would expect from a sprightly 52-year-old that has always been properly maintained.

In a nutshell, this pony is easy to live with!

Not often do we have the opportunity to present an iconic American classic that could comfortably serve as a daily driver, if so desired. Here's one fabulous example that we wouldn't hesitate to drive across the country tomorrow!


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