Factory All Black

1975 Porsche 914 1.8

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By the mid-1960s, the leadership at Porsche was looking into a replacement for the Porsche 912.

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A worthy successor would be needed within a few years, preferably an all new sports car with a Porsche's patented Targa top and an air-cooled four-cylinder Boxer engine.

The Porsche engineers in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen knew exactly what they had in mind: a mid-engine road rocket with impeccable handling, yet affordable for those who have to work for a living.

Built from 1969 until 1976, the Porsche 914 received a less than spectacular reception when new, but now that all other air-cooled Porsches are out of the financial reach for most of us, enthusiasts realize what a great handling car the 914 really is.

Manufactured in January of 1975, this Porsche 914 is a factory black-on-black car. It hails from San Marino, California, a suburb of the greater Los Angeles area., where it has resided for the past 7 years.

Being a mid-engine car, this Porsche has two trunks: one in the front, and one in the back.
The front trunk is surprisingly spacious.

Below a carpeted partition resides the factory spare.

The trunk floor is perfectly healthy, with no signs of rust or accident damage.

Panel fit is excellent, with tight hood and door gaps. Note that this is a foglight-delete car!

The car has been repainted at least once, in its original color. The finish is older, shows multiple imperfections and signs of age. It's nothing to write home about, but perfectly sufficient for a "driver."

The interior is in very good condition throughout, defying its age to the fullest.
Transmission is Porsche's legendary Type 901 5-speed manual unit, with its racing-derived shift pattern.

Dominant, white-on-black 911-style gauges are housed in a binnacle positioned right in front of the driver. They all work. Mileage shown on the odometer is 94,028 is possibly the original mileage, but we don't have documentation to support it.

The correct high back sport seats feature black leatherette upholstery with basketweave inserts, in perfect condition, free of any rips or tears.

The Targa setup combines the best of both worlds; rigidity of a fixed head coupe, combined with the sensation of open air motoring.

The factory lightweight fiberglass hardtop is in good condition. It fits snuggly in the rear trunk.

914's mid-mounted 1.8-liter engine is in a fine state of health. Factory equipped with BOSCH fuel injection, this 79hp power plant is able to propel the 1,900lb. 914 to a factory-indicated top speed of 109 miles per hour.

The motor starts easily and revs willingly from idle to redline. There are no untoward noises, no fluid leaks, no surprises.
Reasonably priced spares and ease of maintenance make the 914 a real bargain for those who desire to own a Porsche for Volkswagen money.

Rear trunk floor is quite spacious.

Rear trunk floor is clean and dry, with just a few tiny spots of surface corrosion.

A trunk mounted soilenoid allows the trunk to be opened remotely.

No, this is not a perfect car, but it's a great car for someone on a budget and as such presents an incredible bargain.


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