A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:

1973 Ford Capri V8

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Relatively unknown stateside, Ford's 1st generation Capri, badged as a Mercury in the US, is held in high regard in the Fatherland, were it was built.

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In its most powerful form, as the RS2600, the Capri could give the BMW 3.0CSL Batmobiles and Porsche 911RS supercars a run for the money on the race track. All of these cars are now selling for silly money. Yet, the 1973 Capri presented here is quite a bit more powerful than a 2.6RS! A "sleeper" in the true meaning of the term, it is powered by a professionally installed 5.7-liter V8 power plant that fits neatly in the car's engine bay. This Capri still carries its factory original paint and interior, and runs like a scalded cat. Rare 1970s ENKEI alloy wheels are currently mounted; a set of vintage slot mags is included, too, and all 8 wheels have new tires installed.

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