Not a Morgan:

Honda-Powered 3-Wheeler!

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We love the retro-look Morgan 3-Wheeler, introduced in late 2014, but its price tag of $55K seems a bit steep for those of us who have to work for a living.

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The solution comes in form of this fantastic 3-Wheeler, elaborately built in 2014 by a mechanical engineer from Camarillo, California, who spent close to a year creating it from scratch.

Street licensed in California -- and legal to be driven in the HOV "diamond" lane -- it provides the same exhillerating open air experience of the Morgen 3-Wheeler, but at a drastically reduced price.

Motorvation comes from a Honda 1100 Goldwing engine, mated to a manual 4-speed transmission. The powerplant is known for its legendary reliability and outstanding parts support, should you ever need any spares.

The 3-Wheeler is a real lightweight with a steel tube frame and aluminum panels with some fiberglass bits to top it off. Spoke wheels are N.O.S. Ford units with new Excelsior Competition tires; twin side exhaust mufflers are sourced from Harley-Davidson.

Lower aluminum panels are left in their natural beauty; the upper portion was finished in Porsche's classic Slate Gray, Steve Mc Queen's favorite color.

Aluminum dash with wood applique features Honda-sourced instrumentation.

Switch pod wouldn't look out of place in an aircraft. Shifter looks like that of a rally car.

Removable steering wheel is of race car quality. Gauges are Honda units and they all work as they should.

The cockpit with its two diamond tuff seets is comfortable for 2 long legged occupants. You're over 6 feet tall? No problemo!

Morganesque, streamlined rear . . .

. . . reveals its motorcycle derived origins, as well as the elaborately designed and executed space frame.

Left side cabinet holds the fuel tank; right side cabinet the battery, tool kit, manual, and personal goodies.

Driving this 3-Wheeler is as exhilerating as you might imagine. It starts on the button, accelerates like a heavy motorcyle, and cruises smoothly even at speeds well beyond the legal speed limit.

A masterpiece of engineering, this Morgan inspired 3-Wheler is in a class of its own. It could not be duplicated for close to the money we're asking for it. An incredible opportunity!


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
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