Pretty in Red:

1971 Volvo 1800E Coupe!

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"Driving doesn't hurt it", was a slogan used by Volvo to describe the 1800 Sports Coupe.

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Given that Irv Gordon's red 1800S has already covered over 3 million miles and is still going strong, that statement couldn't be more true.

Volvo also called the 1800S a "souped down Ferrari." Given its charming looks, we can understand why.

This particular '71, just photographed in the fire-ravished Ventura Hills, even has the galloping Elk badges on its flanks.

The car is rust and accident free and straight as an arrow, with shiny deep red paint. The slight organgish tint is purely an effect of the Thomas fire. A special treat are the 5-spoke Volvo aluminum wheels.

Bullet-proof B20 engine is healthy as the proverbial ox. The often trouble-prone fuel-injection was replaced by a Weber 32/36 carburetor.

Engine compartment is toothbrush clean. Note the expensive aluminum valve cover.

Back in 1963, the Volvo P1800, then still built in England, was chosen in lieu of a Jaguar E-Type for the movie series "The Saint." And looking at its cockpit fighter style dash with no less than 7 gauges, we can indeed see the resemblence to that of a contemporary Jaguar.

Stock seats have been replaced by body-hugging sport seats. The original seats -- in need of reupholstery -- are included in the sale.

Beautifully preserved rear seats are stock. Note the embossed Volvo emblem in the center.

This '71 has resided in the Golden State from new, still carries its original, early 6-digit, blue-and-yellow license plates. All of the lights work.

Trunk houses the safety fuel cell and factory tool kit. Trunk mat is M.I.A.

Plenty of spares are included in the sale.

Undercarriage is 100% rust free. The "brown stuff" is the remainder of factory Cosmoline corrosion wax, applied in Sweden 35 years ago. Note Flowmaster muffler.

Tough-as-nails M41 4-speed overdrive transmission looks like it's been rebuilt quite recently. It shifts smoothly.

Friday, December 15, we took the 1800E out for a spin through our neighborhood in the Ventura Hills.

The car starts, runs, and drives flawlessly. Subjectively, the performance is on par with its fuel-injected sibling.

1972 marks the final year for the beautiful Volvo 1800 Sports Coupe. It was succeeded for one year only by the 1800ES Sports Wagon, nicknamed Snow White's Coffin. After that, beauty was replaced by safety, and Volvo started to produce cars that looked like bricks on wheels.


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