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1981 Porsche 911SC Targa 3.0

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In 2016, Porsche delivered exactly 237,778 vehicles around the World.
Thirty-five years earlier, when this beautiful 911SC was built, it was one of just 2,491 such cars produced for world-wide consumption. How times have changed!

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Naturally, the limited-production "G" models, manufactured between 1974 and 1989, have long since become sought-after collectors' items.

These cars are also still very capable performers as they communicate a "modern" driving experience and can be enjoyed without worries on today's often crowded highways.

The 1981 Porsche 911SC 3.0 Targa presented here, VIN *WP0EA091XBS161283* was built in the month of June, 1981 and sold new on August 13th at Westwood Porsche-Audi in Santa Monica, Calif. It has been a pampered toy for the past 36 years, having been driven less than 3,200 miles annually, on average.

The car comes with all books and manuals and a squeaky clean history report as well as a huge history file, with about 50 pages of documents detailing the exactly $26,191.61 in expenses incurred since 2006.

Just six years and 16K miles ago, $12,000.00 was spent on a complete engine and transmission rebuild, as outlined in the three-page document above. Having been conscientiously serviced ever since, it clearly makes sense that this 911 runs, drives, and shifts like new.

Let's now inspect our Porsche in more detail, starting with the trunk, as neglect tends to manifest itself here first.
Not surprisingly, everything is super clean. Among the little extras that count: a nice, fitted car cover and the original spare tire air pump.

Removing the gray felt carpeting and spare reveals every nook and cranny. All the factory finishes are still intact. And, yes, we checked: there is no corrosion in the battery tray area.
Unused VREDESTEIN inflatable tire and factory tire jack are present.

The sensitive "nose" section appears factory fresh; there is no rust or accident damage.

100% rust and accident free undercarriage still shows hints of the factory-applied, protective COSMOLINE wax. Shocks, brakes, suspension parts all look to be in first-class order.

In recent years, the Targa version of the 911 has equalled the straight Coupe in value as more and more enthusiasts came to appreciate it as the perfect combination of chassis stiffness and open-air fun.
Let the sunshine in, become one with nature, and enjoy the unique sound of the air-cooled 3.2 liter engine!

The removable Targa top looks and fits excellent. All weatherstripping on this car is soft, pliable and generally like new.

SC's coachwork belies its age. The body is arrow straight, with perfect shut lines ("gaps") of doors and hoods. The car has been repainted once, to a high standard, in its original color of Schwarzmetallik (metallic black, factory code #L708). Schwarzmetallik is a curious name for a hue that actually appears more like a charcoal gray than black, but that's what the marketing guys at Porsche liked to call it, back then. The finish is extremely glossy and smooth, and, apart from a couple very small inclusions, no bondo, spider cracks, chips, nicks, scratches, dull spots, dings or dents are to be reported.

The original (actually, optional in '81) FUCHS light alloys look fabulous, are shod with excellent high-performance radial tires of the correct sizes 205/55R16 up front and 225/50R16 out back. This 911SC sits at correct Euro ride height and was treated to a careful 4-wheel alignment.
We just had a brand-new OEM front lip spoiler installed.

Cockpit is pure, classic 911. This example features the "full leather" option, i.e. seats, door and side panels, back seats and dash top are all clad in fine bovine hides, not vinyl.

The iconic, large, black-dialed 911 gauges with their white markings and day-glo orange pointers -- yes, they all work perfectly, including the clock.

Gray-beige leather front seats show 36 years of honest wear, are still very comfortable. Somehow, they remind us of an old English tweed jacket with elbow patches.

In contrast, those "spacious" rear seats don't look like they've ever been used.

How about a quick peek under the deck lid before we take off?

Fully refurbished 3.2-liter engine looks clean. A/C appears complete but the belt was removed - who needs A/C in a Targa? Cabin heat works great. Apart from the aforementioned, major engine and transmission rebuild, many of the typical 911 wear items have been taken care of during the past few years, including -- but not limited to -- brake master cylinder and hoses, oil cooler lines, turn signal and wiper switches, fuel injectors and pump, sway bar mounts, heater valve, fuel accumulator, and so on.

Wednesday, November 22, was another lovely fall day here in San Buenaventura and we were looking forward take our beautiful Porsche out for a ride.

Driving such a clean, well-sorted vintage 911SC is a pure delight; the car starts, runs, drives, shifts, corners, and stops perfectly.

Best of all, the engine sounds heavenly and never misses a beat.

Returning home, we are all smiles. This Targa fully delivers on its promise. It's a full-blooded sports car that can be driven every day, without any reservations. Like no other car of its vintage perhaps, it'll make you look good and feel good.

Clean '78-'83 911SC Targas with "no stories" are thought of as virtually bullet-proof and are among the most sought-after Porsches today. Here's a bona fide opportunity to snag a great one that checks all the right boxes.


You are most welcome to inspect this fine automobile at our location in Ventura, by appointment, or have someone inspect it for you.
Please, direct all inquiries to or call us at 805-653-5551.