Agent Orange:

1974 Porsche 914 2.0

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For way too long has Porsche's Modell 914 been the red-headed step child of the Porsche family, but those days are over now, as more and more collectors recognize the unique design and capabilities of the car.

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The top-of-the-crop four-banger 914, the fuel-injected 2.0-liter, actually can give the exotic 914/6, which is also a 2.0-liter, a run for the money.

This Tangerine seventy-four, two-point-oh, five-speed 914 is an extraordinarily nice example that ticks all the right boxes.

A life-long, dry, Southwestern car, there are none of the exaggerated corrosion worries the majority of its brethren suffer from.

Beautifully preserved front and rear trunks. Factory Mahle spare.

Clean "nose" section.

Looking stock and well-preserved underneath. No oil leaks.

Straight coachwork, one repaint in the original Tangerine color. No bubbles, scrapes, dings, dents or other issues that would cause an aficionado sleepless nights.

Like-new Riviera wheels all around.

Clean dash. All gauges and lights work, even the horn, the fog lights, and the VDO clock! Original factory manuals in the Merlot-red vinyl pouch reside in the glove box.

Original upholstery in excellently preserved condition. No wonder, as this is a low-mileage 914 that was driven less than 2,500 miles annually, on average.

Basket-woven hyde of the nauga. Coco mats protecting original carpets. Factory steering wheel and shift knob.

Simplicity personified - diametrically opposed to today's bloated jellybean conveyances.

Yes, the 914 has 2 trunks!

Clean trunk floor. Note original tire jack.

November 15 was another sunny California day and we were happy to put the 914 through its paces and take a few pictures along the way.

It's truly one of the best-driving examples of the model we've had the pleasure to own. The 1974 2.0, its engine still unencumbered by performance-choking smog equipment and featuring the updated (center) shift linkage for the dogleg 5-speed, might be the most fun 914 of 'em all.

This mid-engine rascal starts, idles, handles, scoots, and brakes with aplomb. With its sport exhaust, it sounds the part, too.

Returning home, we're relaxed and happy. Hardly ever has a small-bore sports car proved to be as much fun to drive as this 914.

GOOD 1973/4 2.0 914s are getting difficult to find. There are a few cars out there, but few, very few will pass a close inspection. Here's one that looks to be in terrific condition. This might be the perfect time to give yourself that early Christmas present by adding an air-cooled, mid-engine Porsche to your stable while they are still affordable!


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