"Town and Country" Style:

1948 Chrysler Woody Convertible

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Few cars in the collectors' universe are as iconic and cherished as the American Woodies of the 1940s.

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This '48 Chrysler is just such a car. Born as a Windsor convertible, it has been sensibly modified and improved to serve as a movie car for more than three decades, with numerous credits to its name. The front suspension was completely rebuilt, and a 1970s MoPar 318 cu. in. (5.2-liter) V8-engine replaces the flathead. Instead of the complex OG "Fluid Drive" semi-automatic doing duty, shifting is now fully automatic, thanks to a modern Torqueflite tranny. Owned since 1989 by a former stunt pilot and proprietor of a private automobile museum in the San Fernando Valley, the Woodmeister has always been kept in excellent running condition.

Wherever we show up with the Woodie, people approach excitedly to have a closer look. Everybody is taking their popular "selfish" pictures with the car, and we've actually had requests for joy rides along the way.

The huge, bread-loaf-shaped body is as solid as a tank. The paint, shiny as it may appear, is many decades old and, having aged like a fine wine, shows quite a few small imperfections. The custom wood planking and Di-Noc are in fine condition throughout. In short, this "Town-and-Country" style Windsor is a perfect car to use "as is." With its fresh tune up and refurbished cooling system, it's waiting for you to drive its wheels off!

You'll feel like the captain of an ocean liner behind the immense, original steering wheel with its full chrome horn ring. The chrome-and-bakelite-laden dash exudes the robust charm of the WWII era.

The Chrysler is a full 6-seater. Front and rear benches have been upholstered with copious amounts of the Hyde of the Nauga. A few yards of highlander plaid would do wonders here!

Note center brake light and rare "Town and Country" rear bumper embellisher. Bumper chrome is perfect, front and rear.

A regal carriage.

This Woodie's a breeze to pilot, thanks to its modern drivetrain. With plenty of V-8 power on tap, this huge automobile easily keeps up with modern-day traffic.
Check out vintage magnetic pipe holder with matching pipe, Hugh Hefner-style, and the chrome "Town and Country" script below radio grille.

A true one-off, the Woodmeister (so named by its former owner, a Scandinavian gentleman) is a fun classic. Best of all, you can own and enjoy it for a fraction of the cost of any other Woodie on the market!


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