Truly Exceptional:

1978 Volkswagen Westfalia
Pop-Top Campmobil!

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The name WESTFALIA has been linked to Volkswagen for decades. Chosen by the quality-conscious Wolfsburgers for their painstaking attention to the smallest detail, the WESTFALIA WERKE in Wiedenbrück (Germany) have always delivered top-of-the-line, VW-based Campmobiles that continue to fulfill the highest expectations of happy campers around the world.

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The fantastic combination of minivan-like utility and leisure-time luxury is unparalleled in the automobile realm. A WESTFALIA campmobile is a true "daily driver" that can easily be used as a grocery getter or mom's shuttle for the kids. Yet, it's instantly ready for camping action.

You may just be on your way to the market, only to find yourself parked somewhere near a lake or a beach, swiveling chairs and tables ready for an impromptu picnic. Suits and towels can always be ready for the occasion, stored in one of the Westfalia's many roomy cabinets. The WESTFALIA is the perfect lifestyle vehicle!

The 1978 Volkswagen Vanagon presented here, VIN *2382041559*, is an outstanding example, certainly the finest we've ever seen in the flesh.

A one-owner California blue license plate car, it's amazingly preserved, bone stock, with shiny paint, crisp tent, like-new-interior, and a mechanical condition to match.

Accompanying this car are a stack of factory books, hangers, brochures, as well as two (!) ring binders full or maintenance receipts.

Vanagon's undercarriage is that of a proverbial California car. It's healthy and dry, with nothing but unmolested factory finishes present. There's not even a hint of corrosion, curtesy of the perennial California sunshine.

A California vehicle from new, this VW has most likely never left the Golden State. Thus, it never suffered from corrosion or needed any rust repair. It has never been in an accident, either. The "Sage Green" finish looks breathtaking. There are no bubbles, dings, dents, or imperfections of any kind. All brightwork is in excellent condition and the weatherstripping is still pliant - because it's new, too.

A real WESTFALIA sleeps four. The upper bedroom miraculously appears once the patented Pop Top is popped open. It's basically a tent, consisting of water-proof canvas, protected by a hard-shell roof. Push a button, lift a handle, and voilá . . . all of a sudden there's ample headroom in the pantry.

Top canvas is is new condition, throughout.

At night, fold down the mattress, and there's plenty of space for two adults or up to four kids. In fact, kids love it up there!

All business dash is superbly preserved, free of cracks.

Everything is bone stock here, including the black two-spoke steering wheel. Only upgrade is an in-dash radio with CD player.

All of the gauges work as they should.

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