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1933 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe!

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Liberated from a sheltered hibernation lasting about a decade, this 1933 Plymouth 5-window Deluxe Coupe is a fantastic find!

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Every bit as sexy as a Deuce, the Plymouth boasts a smooth-as-silk running 6-cylinder engine, hydraulic clutch, hydraulic 4-wheel brakes (the Ford still had cable-operated brakes 'til 1940), and, in this case, even an overdrive transmission.

The car has a solid movie history. It is absolut rust and accident free, and runs and drives so fabulously, that you'll have to see the -- up-and-coming -- videos to believe it!

While this 5-window Coupe is prime hot rod material, it would be a sin to change a thing.

Chrysler 6-cylinder Flathead dates to the 1950s. Coupled to the overdrive tranny, it allows for relaxed freeway driving.

Hello, nineteen thirty three!

ALL of the gauges work!

Cozy space for Bonnie, Clyde, and even Lassie!

Every bit as sexy as a Deuce . . .

Totally solid, rust-free trunk.

Eighty-four year-old horsehair padding and rubber mat.

Dream undercarriage: not even a pin hole anywhere!


Gauges and engine

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