Super Rare Original:

1977 Porsche 924
Martini Edition

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Introduced in 1976 as the successor to the Porsche 914, the 924 was vastly different, being the first front-engined, water-cooled Porsche, eventually paving the way for the Porsche 944.

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In 1977, Porsche unveiled the eye-popping Martini & Rossi Limited Edition, a tribute to its racing sponsor. After all, most of the Porsche 917 and even the Moby Dick 935 carried Martini livery!

Just 3,000 examples of the Martini Limited Edition were built for worldwide consumption; the Porsche 924 presented here is one of those rare birds.

Sold new on March 25, 1977 by Alpine Porsche-Audi of Colorado Springs, it's a very correct, original example, including the majority of paint and interior.

Having traveled only 93K miles in the past 40 years, this low-mileage Martini can rightfully be counted among the most affordable yet truly collectible Porsches anywhere.

In fact, in the July 2017 issue of Hemmings Motor News, we spotted a low mileage Martini offered for $55,000. The seller correctly pointed out that it is "almost impossible to find in any condition."

Nine-twenty-four comes with the original owner's manual and stamped maintenance booklet as well as a stack of more than 70 records, accumulated just during the past five years, for repair work and parts purchases. Nicely filed in a 3-ring binder, these restoration receipts add up to an astonishing $13,375.88!

The main invoice in the amount of $7,460.59 covers items such as clutch, timing belt, and water pump. All this work was performed less than 1,000 miles ago!

Featuring a modern, fuel-injected inline four boasting 95 horsepower, the 924 has rightfully gained a reputation of being bullet-proof.

This engine runs like a champ, with no issues or ill behavior to report.

Body is straight, with just a few dings here and there.

Paint looks to be original, dating back to 1977. Unavoidably perhaps, there's a myriad of small imperfections, but the overall impression is still extremely favorable.

Dash has been refinished professionally, and presents itself in prime condition.

Indicated mileage of 93,397 is said to be correct.

Original, Martini-specific design front seat upholstery and orange carpeting is in excellent condition throughout.

The two individual rear seats look pristine and original as well.

Everything works as it should.

Trunk is trimmed with red-orange velour carpeting as well. A black cover protects valuables from prying eyes.

Undercarriage is simply stunning. Note new stainless steel exhaust system.

The car starts, runs, and drives flawlessly.

A quick trip up and down Ventura county's backcountry hills brought us much joy.

Highway 33 - almost Autobahn-like!

Returning home, we are very happy with the 924's performance. Relaxing to drive due to its perfect weight bias, the "Limited Edition" Martini provides un-limited fun, while being easy to own!

Already a coveted classic small-bore sports car, this Martini & Rossi 924 is a truly wonderful find for enthusiast driver and collector alike.

Best of all, this fully sorted, vintage Porsche's value is bound to rise as you enjoy it - the perfect recipe for lots of smiles per gallon!




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