1983 Badlands HumVee!

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Ever since Arnold the Terminator obtained permission to get a military Hummer, back in '92, the H1 has become the poster child of an urban assault vehicle. Green may be cool, but even cooler is a green HumVee!

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Steel is real, and the Hummer has lots of it, being 7 feet wide and weighing in at 6,300 lbs.
Intimidating? You bet!

But few of us had the financial means to buy a HumVee during its production run. After all, the last H1s back in 2006 cost a hefty $150,975, and that was before the Governator's taxes.
Prices for spiffy H1s have been holding up quite well, which is not surprising, given that people will never again be able to get their hands on a brutal, ego-inflating, street-legal vehicle like it.

Help for those of us who could not afford to buy a H1 outright or who didn't want to shoulder the exorbitant prices for parts and service came from Fargo, North Dakota's Classic Roadsters. These experienced manufacturers were able to provide a 100%-correct body, made of steel (!), that could be mounted on a full size GM pickup chassis. Assembling the puzzle required hundreds of hours of labor and some ingenuity, and thus fewer than 20 of these Badlands RT Humvees were ever built.
Here's one!

Painstakingly assembled in 1999 on a GM Suburban 4 x 4 chassis by Helmut Haupt, well-known crew chief of the Kraut Bros. land speed racing team, this Badlands HumVee is as badass as it gets. Being his daily driver for eight years, the UAV was parked in 2007, due to full-time racing obligations. We've just revived it, going through everything with a fine-tooth comb. Naturally, we installed a brand new set of General tires as well.

Like our troops' HumVee, this one is powered by an American-made engine, here GM's very own 6.2-liter V-8 Diesel, breathing through a Banks turbocharger. The HumVee starts like a tank, noisy, smelly, sounding like a pit full of rattlesnakes - in short, just fabulous!
Both batteries have just been replaced.

Dashboard is as wide as the Titanic's bridge. Only luxury is a stereo and an adjustable steering column - from a Cadillac. Shifter for the automatic transmission looks muy macho.

Captain's chairs in front are very comfortable, have just been re-upholstered in durable black hyde of the nauga.

Rear bench seatback folds forward, enabling load-through of surfboards or other very long items. Floors are covered with hard-wearing rubber matting.

ARMORED vanity plate can be included if the vehicle stays in California.

With its sizeable pickup bed, the Badlands HumVee is a very pactical vehicle. On his desert trips, Helmut used to carry a Quad on the bed.
The hardtop can easily be unbolted. A rigid convertible top frame (not shown) is included. Covered with camouflage netting, it provides the ultimate in open air motoring.

Wednesday, August 24th was just another fabulous day here on the Pacific Coast. Determined to scare a few retirees and small pets, we fired up the monster and headed for our favorite neighborhood.

With its perfectly matte, dark olive green finish, the wee warrior (so nicknamed by Helmut, its owner and builder) is a truly impressive sight.

On the highway, this HumVee drives way better than the military version, just like any old 4 x 4 Suburban, its straight-axle layout beloved by off-road enthusiasts. However, you don't have to be a body builder to manhandle this one, as power steering and power brakes make the task easier.

If you've ever lusted for physical dominance on the street without sacrificing a modicum of practicality, if you like owning a Hummer that doesn't need parts available only from the U.S. government or expensive specialists, this Badlands RT HumVee might be your ticket. Buy it now @ 50cents on the Dollar, put on your Ray Bans and go cruising, Terminator style!

Freeway driving.



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