8,627 Original Miles:

2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

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A modernized version of Eddy Lawson's KZ1000R that dominated the race tracks back in 1982, the ZRX1200R has become a motorcycle legend in its own right.

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Initially introduced as the ZRX1100 in 1997, Z-Rex, as it was nicknamed, grew in size again and became the ZRX-1200R in 2001.

The bike features a liquid-cooled 1200cc, 16-valve inline-4, pumping out 122 hp, good for a 146 mph top speed. More impressive than pure horsepower is the massive torque band. You can accelerate from 1,200rmp on without any hesitation coming from the engine, and if you open the throttle at 3,000rpm, it will wheele freely without any clutch input.

This bike has been in my personal collection. It's bone stock, except for the DAEG livery. It's clean as a whistle, and runs like a scalded cat, with no issues of any kind to report. It's a true collector's piece for the enthusiast.


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