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1988 Ferrari Mondial 3.2
Sunroof Coupe

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Designed by Signore Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, the Ferrari Mondial is the four-seater sibling to the well-known 308/328/348 two-seater line; it's Carozzeria was built by Scaglietti, making for an illustrious provenance.

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All major mechanical systems in the Mondial, including engine, transmission, steering and suspension, are essentially identical to those used on the matching two-seater Ferraris being manufactured during their long production run.

The stunning example presented here is of the desirable "3.2" variant, introduced in 1985. The 3.2 came with a larger, more powerful engine and updated exterior. It might be the most popular iteration of all Mondial models due to it being a good all-around performer and one of the last Ferraris to enjoy the manageable maintenance regimen provided by the Ferrari 328 engine and transmission configuration.

The 3.2 was sold new on May 18th, 1988 at Autohaus Ferrari.
Of great importance to any true Ferrari aficionado, it retains its full set of books and tools, as well as a complete maintenance and ownership history.
Shown in the photo above is one of the three "Premio di Platino" trophies the car won at a Ferrari Club of America concours events. Additionally, the car has won multiple Coppa Bella Macchina awards in judged Ferrari Club competition.
According to the car's former owner, judges at these events often tracked him down after judging was complete to tell him how nice his Mondial was compared to all the others they've examined!

This Mondial's full service and ownership history is chronologically ordered and contained in two large red binders and a thick leather folder.

There are more than five dozen documents; the maintenance records alone add up to the tidy sum of $38,044.53. To claim that this Mondial has always been serviced "by the book" would almost be an understatement!
A major, $12,000.00 engine-out service in 2012, performed by legendary Ferrari specialists Competizione and Sports Cars is further documented with 40 large-format photos.

Mondial's undercarriage is free of corrosion and looks exactly the way the car left Maranello, 30 years ago.

After measuring paint thickness electronically, we are happy to report that Ferrari's iconic Rosso Corsa paint is the original, factory applied finish. Apart from a couple truly miniscule rock chips, there are no dings, dents, scratches or other blemishes to report. The coachwork looks simply stunning!

Alloy wheels are original to the car and present fabulously. They wear as-new YOKOHAMA high performance radials of the correct 205/55-16 and 225/55-16 dimensions.

Derided by some when new, the Mondial, showing off its typical 1980s design, is now regarded as one of the prettiest cars of the era, especially in 3.2 guise as seen here, featuring the much nicer, color-coded bumpers and a host of improved details.
It's a fairly rare car, too: of 987 three-point-two coupes made between 1985 and 1988, only 87 were exported to the U.S.!

Fantastic detailing inside the front trunk. Note the flawlessly kept wiring. Battery features a handy kill switch.

The electric sliding sunroof, a rare and desirable option, works beautifully.
Let the sunshine in -- but don't forget to check out the car's pristine headliner!

Mondial's cockpit received some welcome improvements for the 3.2 model. Again, it shows ike new, without a single flaw, rip, crack, or tear. Note plush "Ferrari" accessory floor mats.

Like the day it left the factory: wear-and-fade-free steering wheel, instruments and console. Yes, all gauges work, as do all lights, gadgets and switches. Chromed shift gate exhibits the famous dogleg shift pattern of the delightful 5-speed transmission.

Apart from the dash, interior is completely covered in tan CONNOLLY leather, which has remained in a phenomenal state of preservation, with no cracking, dryness, unraveling seams, holes, or any other wear to note.

Four bucket seats with retractable 3-point seat belts. Did I mention that this Mondial is a show car?

Oh Yes!

Toothbrush-clean engine bay contains the mid-rear power plant. Being a quad-cam V8 with 32 valves, good for 260hp @ 7,500rpm, the car is markedly livelier than its contemporary 2+2 competitors from Porsche and Jaguar.

Induction is the tried-and-true BOSCH K-Jetronic, ignition is a MAGNETI MARELLI microplex featuring twin distributors, exhaust is via two short 4-2-1 headers featuring a catalytic converter. Simple but effective! As mentioned above, everything has been maintained to perfection.

No nasty drips or leaks.

Behind the engine is the trunk which offers sufficient space for a few soft bags or a set of golf clubs.

A connoisseur's delight: all small and large tools are accounted for, even the small, hand-held light. If you would need to replace these tools, expect to shell out big buck$!

Thursday, July 12th was another warm and sunny day here in our seaside paradise. We couldn't wait to exercise the Mondial and take some pictures in the process.

The car starts, idles, runs, drives, shifts, handles, and brakes -- factory ABS! -- just like you'd expect a fastidiously maintained Ferrari to perform.

Using the Ferrari's gated shifter while listening to the aural pleasures emanating behind you must rank as one of a car lover's most sublime delights. And all this while the A/C blows cold and the ALPINE stereo provides additional stimuli by Signore Verdi.

Returning home, we are all smiles. This 3.2 truly delivers on its promise!

If you're in the market to add a visually stunning, perfectly reliable classic sports car to your stable, here's a golden opportunity to acquire a prime example of an easy-to-own specimen of the World's most cherished and admired manufacturer. Put this Ferrari in your garage and enjoy worry-free Cavallino motoring. This particular model is currently still affordable, although prices for fine survivors like this rare 3.2 Sunroof Coupe have begun their inevitable climb.
Tempus fugit -- carpe diem.





We sold this Ferrari in fall of 2018.

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