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1988 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2
G-50 Cabriolet!

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Porsche afficionados agree: the 1987-89 Carrera 3.2 is the best 911 ever built. It is the last 911 to feature a body style now considered "classic" while incorporating technological advancements such as the vaunted BOSCH Motronic engine management and the fabulous G-50 transmission with hydraulic clutch operation.

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There's just one minor issue: a "G50" Carrera is hard to find. 30 years ago, Zuffenhausen's annual production was very limited, as its workforce -- made up entirely of highly-skilled, old-world craftsmen -- was tiny. A Porsche was a very exclusive product back then, indeed!

The 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible presented here, VIN *WP0EB0919JS172030*, was manufactured in June of 1988, just before the "Werksferien" (factory holidays).

It is one of just 2,116 US-spec Cabs manufactured for 1988, the penultimate model year for the 3.2 Carrera.
Let's have a closer look at this rare car.

Pampered for many years by a U.S. Army Colonel, a Professor of Military Science now teaching at Texas A & M, the car comes with a well-organized, dense history file, with invoices totalling $11,185,78. In addition to receipts from reputable Porsche specialist shops, there are bills pertaining to numerous parts purchases, as the Colonel was aptly qualified to personally tackle small and large maintenance items.
For example, in 2013, @ 85,363 miles, a full engine-out service was perfomed that included new high-pressure fuel hoses, RPM/speed and cylinder head temperature sensors, coil, rotor, distributor cap, spark plugs, fuel filter, O2 sensor, oil cooler, the so-called "Holy Trinity" seals and gaskets (engine is very dry), a new crankshaft seal, a set of braided steel brake lines, and a valve adjustment.

Most gratifyingly, this enthusiast-owned 911 comes with its factory books, tool kit, jack, and unsued spare. Also available is its clean and clear vehicle history report.

Porsche tool roll detail. It's almost as if the factory expected owners to perform minor maintenance chores by themselves. The air-cooled 3.2 Carrera might be the last Porsche made that allows for this skill set to be applied.

Beautifully tidy front compartment.

No damage anywhere and not even a drop of corrosion in the battery box area!

Equally show-ready are the car's undercariage and suspension. Having been driven less than 3K miles annually, on average, never during the winter months, this '88 looks incredibly well-preserved, almost too perfect considering the fact that it's an unrestored, original car.

Sparklingly clean, totally virginal floor pans, after over 3 decades still with remnants of factory Cosmoline wax showing!

Apart from some paint correction on the driver's door and right rear quarter, detectable only with our electronic paint depth meter, this Carrera features 100% of its original, factory-applied Silvermetallic (factory code L80) paint. There's no fading, no scrapes, bubbles or dents -- the sensuous coachwork has remained smooth and glossy throughout.

Black German canvas top was replaced a few years ago and remains as new, with a crystal clear rear window. Top is manually operated, which most Porschephiles feel to be a plus as Porsche's 45-pound power mechanism seemed to be prone to malfunctioning.
Tonneau cover fits well and is easy to use.

It's refreshing to see a bone stock 911, one that has not been turned into an "outlaw" boy racer or bling-mobile. This one definitely sits right and looks tight, featuring all original body panels with intact VIN decals.

The iconic FUCHS forged 6 & 7 in. light alloy rims are in fine fettle and wear near-new high performance radials of the correct dimensions.

Porsche's cockpit is another highlight. Subtly color-coordinated in the hard-to-find oxblood -- some call it burgundy -- hue, it displays the finest materials throughout.

Classic VDO gauges look crisp and clear, and they all work perfectly, including the clock. Leather-clad, stock steeering wheel is a big plus. Thankfully, the dash doesn't display any hairline cracks.

Front seat leather was replaced with a kit from Autos International in 2015 and remains supple and unmarked. Interestingly, the car features a factory seat heater for its pilot.

True to factory specification!

Folding rear seats look unused. Note seat belts.
Door and side panels, as well as the velour carpeting, have all remained in a state of perfect preservation.

Sexy rear of the Carrera cab. All lenses are clear, all lights work flawlessly.

Residing in a toothbrush-clean engine bay, the 3.2-liter, air-cooled boxer featuring BOSCH MOTRONIC is said to be near indestructible. The factory matching numbers motor pulls strong, delivering 217 untamed Teutonic horses at 5,900rpm. Last leakdown test @70,269 miles revealed 95-99% across all cylinders.

Maintenance over the years included a Turbo tie-rod kit as well as new brake rotors and pads @70,269 miles, a rebuilt Air/Fule meter, a new fuel pressure regulator as well as new Elephant Racing front control arm bushings (rubber), rear shocks and front struts. Car features a G50 Clutch shaft conversion and spring-centered disc; the clutch has plenty of life left.
Note the fact that the A/C system has been faithfully maintained and upgraded with a R-134a conversion, new barrier hoses, O-rings, expansion valve, and new condenser fan motor. Heater blower motor was recently replaced, too. All fans, blowers, A/C and automatic heat work very well.

G50-001 transmission.
Being a true Porschephile, the Colonel himself regularly performed the factory-prescribed fluid changes, using Valvoline VR1 and Mobil Delvac 75-90 lubricants and noting the car's mileage.

No drips here!

Let's go for a test drive now, shall we?

Thursday, August 23, was another perfect day in our little Ventura paradise, and we were not going to be denied a satisfying cruise and photo session with our 911 Cab.

This Carrera starts, idles, runs, drives, shifts, handles and brakes just as Pofessor Porsche intended. The special feeling of piloting a vintage G-50 Carrera is hard to describe. Most fitting would be to just call it addictive. There's no squeak or rattle, no vibration or shimmy. You simply can't fault this Carrera Cab's road manners.

Crank up the volume!

Returning home, we marvel at the silver Cabriolet's performance acumen. Super fast yet rock solid, this Carrera is easy to maintain, inexpensive to insure, fully accepted by the PCA crowd, and looks as good -- some would say much better -- as a late-model 911, at a fraction of the cost. What a deal!

Be it as a prestigious everyday sports car or a cherished collectible, this pampered, low-mileage, well-documented Carrera features a most exciting color combination. It's in a superb state of mechanical fitness and able to provide unequalled driving enjoyment. Keep it garaged, tuned and detailed, and you'll enjoy owning a prestigious collectible Porsche, worry-free, for a long time to come.

We sold this exceptional Porsche Cabriolet in fall of 2018 to a customer in Belgium.

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