Preservation Class:

1975 Porsche 911S 2.7
Sunroof Coupe

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In the world of collectible Porsches, originality is of paramount importance. Fully documented, unmodified examples that never needed a restoration are truly hard to find, as most of these fine survivors have been squirreled away by astute enthusiasts.

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How about this stunningly preserved 1975 "S" Sunroof Coupe, then? It was owned literally forever by a now 91 year-old PCA member and life-long Porsche aficionado.
Let's have a look, shall we?

Right away, those in the know will notice the super-expensive Bosch H1 Euro driving lights. Yep, that's right, not H4, but H1.

Manufactured during the month of February, 1975, VIN *9115201735* was sold new on July 15, 1975 at ROTH PORSCHE+AUDI in Salem, Oregon to a gentleman from Astoria for the princely sum of $15,401.90, as the original bill of sale shows. (It also notes that a 1971 Datsun 240Z was traded in on the 911.)
The second caretaker of this fine Porsche owned the car from 1981 'til 2016, and drove just 47K miles in 35 years, less than 1,350 miles on average, annually.

Note the all-original finishes. Even the paper paint label is still present!
As luck will have it, a facsimile of the original window sticker also remains with the car, so we can confirm its numbers as well as its options.
This Porsche was delivered with an impressive list of extra-cost equipment:

  • FUCHS 6 x 15 alloy wheels
  • KONI shock absorbers
  • Aluminum rocker panel and fender trim
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Electric sliding sunroof
  • Leather seats
  • Leather steering wheel
  • BOSCH (H1) driving lights
  • Coco mats

Apart from the documents mentioned above, there is a neat binder containing about 30 maintenance records, chronologically filed inside sheet protectors, totalling $6,598.90 and illuminating the car's service history from day one. The original owner's manual in its vinyl pouch, complete with radio and emissions booklets, is present as well.

Displayed on the original gray felt trunk lining is the untouched tool roll. Something you'll hardly ever see is the clear plastic protective tool kit bag, as virtually all of them must have been discarded.

Toothbrush clean trunk displays all original finishes. Preservation-class show judges reserve their highest marks for cars like this 911S.
The original tire-inflation compressor is barely visible, next to the spare wheel.

Not a speck of rust, anywhere.

These undercarriage views were not copied from a 1975 sales brochure; they are photos we took in September 2016 of the real, 41 year-old car.

A few neat details. Aluminum brake calipers were part of the "S" trim.

Factory original paint: the #1 most important prerequisite for a true preservation class survivor. Our '75 911S has never been repainted and features its original India Red finish, applied at the Zuffenhausen factory, back in February of 1975. Naturally, there are a few small touch-ups, but you will not find a single scratch, bubble, dent or even a ding anywhere on this Porsche. It's that clean! The 6x15 FUCHS alloys are original to the car, too, and look fabulous.

Turning our attention to the interior, we are impressed by the well-kept headliner and sun visors. Obviously, this 911S has ever been smoked in. The electric sunroof is a very desirable option on any early Porsche; it functions flawlessly.
Note working dome lights.

Perfect original dash. Not even a hairline crack. Leather-covered steering wheel shows virtually no wear.

The iconic Porsche dials - here, they all look and work like new.

Unmarked leather seats. Door panels, arm rests and door pockets, kick panels, carpeting, weatherstripping and brightwork: everything is in breathtakingly well-kept condition.

Note "pop out" rear quarter windows.

Euro taillights.
Yes, this Porsche was indeed sold by Roth, as the vintage dealer plate confirms!

Matching numbers, 165hp 2.7 liter "S" engine presents itself bone stock, apart from an updated air box with pop off valve. Even the Porsche air pump is still present. Apart from a new timing chain set and the - mandatory - valve job/hardened valve seat installation, this Porsche apparently never needed any major repairs. It runs like new.

Compression on all cylinders has been measured between 135 and 140psi. Being a 49-State car, this 911S was delivered from the factory without Porsche's ill-fated thermal reactors, which caused so much trouble.
Note tidy engine bay, with correctly placed labels and gold foil decals throughout.

Monday, September 19, was another warm, sunny day here in our little coastal paradise. We were eager to drive the Porsche - and we were not disappointed.

The "S" starts, idles, sounds, steers, shifts, brakes, and handles with aplomb. It delivers 100% on the Porsche promise and does not feel like a 41-year-old at all. Maybe like a 23-year-old, haha.

It's hard to describe this car - any car - with words and photos alone. Superlatives like "stunning," "like new," "mint," etc. are easily thrown about. Indisputably, a two-owner, low mileage, rust free, original paint, very well optioned 2.7 "S" would be a special automobile, in (almost) any condition. One that has been pampered and preserved to this show-worthy level? Try to find another one like it . . . .

If you desire to own the best original 2.7-liter "S" available, you owe it to yourself to take a long, hard look at this fine example. We think you'd have to agree: like a fine wine, an all-original, unadulterated, vintage Porsche will only appreciate with age.

We sold this fabulous Porsche in Fall of 2016 to a customer in Germany.

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