The Proverbial Garage Find:

Ultra-Rare 1957 Goliath GP 900e!

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Rarer than hens' teeth, this 1957 Goliath is a real garage find.

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Exported by the enterprising Borgward-Lloyd-Goliath conglomerate of Bremen, Germany to the U.S. and sold new in California, this Goliath still wears its factory original paint and interior.

Its owner, a slightly eccentric JPL rocket engineer from Flintridge, drove the car a mere 37,890 miles before storing it under a few blankets in his garage, way back in 1964. It was only after the owner's passing, 53 years later, that the Goli emerged into the bright California sunshine again, a true miracle of dry storage.

We might never find another fine automobile like this Goliath "Made in Western Germany" that was so perfectly protected from the elements for more than half a Century. Original, English-language owner's manual accompanies the car.

Competing with cars like Renault 4CV and Volkswagen, the Goliath was in a class all of its own when it came to mechanical sophistication. The GP900e actually was the world's first mass-produced fuel injected automobile, launched even before Mercedes Benz's mighty 300SL Gullwing. Its transverse-mounted, front-wheel-drive, BOSCH direct-injected, 2-cylinder, 2-stroke engine - with fresh oil injection as well - produced an astonishing 50 horsepower from just 886 cc - 55 cubic inches - and can rightfully be called revolutionary. The transmission was also advanced for a small car in its time: an all-synchro, 4-speed helped the car to achieve a 75mph top speed.

Unfortunately, over 50 years of storage have not been kind to the tiny power plant: the engine - albeit complete - is seized and will need to be rebuilt before you awaken the Goliath from its slumber.

Incredibly perhaps, the Goli still features its original, factory-applied black nitrocellulose lacquer paint. The finish shows many blemishes, most prominently what must have been a large dent in the left rear quarter panel that has been pounded out. But ther's no rust, no corrosion and - except for one hub cap - everything is there!
Let's move on to the interior now.

Goliath's cockpit really shows off German workmanship, with quality materials to boot. The aroma of wool, rubber and leatherette - reminiscent of a Porsche 356 Pre-A - is intoxicating, to say the least.

The metal dash sports faux woodgrain and looks immaculate.

The classic banjo steering wheel, all instruments and switchgear remain in a state of beautiful preservation.

Details, from left to right:

  1. Shift pattern decal
  2. Row of switches below dashboard
  3. The elusive, optional BOSCH heater unit

The almost posh accoutrements of the GP900e were quite a step up from the lowly Volkswagen.

Close-up of lobster-red leatherette reveals just one split seam on the side which could easily be repaired. The material itself is still pliable and soft.

Front bench seat features safety belts.

Cozy rear seat.

A very exciting accessory is the original, roof-mounted German luggage rack.

Spacious trunk.

Original spare, perfectly rust free trunk floor.

Befitting a California car that has been stored dry all its life, the undercarriage looks immaculate. There's not a speck of rust or damage to be found anywhere, we guarantee it! Try finding another Goliath that's as dry and rust free like this one . . .

Whereas thousands of Carl F.W. Borgward's Isabellas and Lloyd 600s found their way to America in the 1950s, the Goliath always was a car that appealed to connoisseurs of mechanical innovation, people who abhorred the mainstream and cherished being different. Thusly, the GP900e was imported in limited numbers only.
The online Goliath registry based in Germany lists exactly 20 GP900s in existence today. Only a few of these are of the "e" (Einspritzung/Fuel Injection) variety, even fewer actually run and drive.
You could add Number Twenty-One to the list. We believe it might be one of the most original, rust-free examples in captivity.


We sold this Goliath in Fall of 2017 to a customer in Germany.

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