1973 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

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A California resident from new, this 1973 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide is special, indeed.

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Back in 1976, after the original Harley-Davidson engine's early demise, a mechanical engineer from Santa Barbara decided to install the sportiest, yet most reliable, motorcycle engine available on the market at that time: the legendary Honda 750-Four! Air-cooled like the Harley, it features an overhead camshaft, is fed by four separate Kei*hin carburetors, and puts out a very healthy 67 hp at 8000rpm. Coupled to Honda's bullet-proof 5-speed transmission, it allows for relaxed high-speed cruising way above any legal speed limit.

The conversion required a great deal of American ingenuity, as the inline-four is wider than the old V-twin. Since the exhaust routing prevented the original side stand to be used, a couple of retractable, spring-operated stands were developed and installed, allowing the bike to stand up straight or lean slightly to either side.

Despite the drivetrain conversion, the Electra Glide retains its imposing presence and original King of the Road looks with characteristic headlight nacelle, 5-gallon fuel tanks, and hydraulically dampened buddy seat. Amazingly, even the original Harley-Davidson dual exhaust is still operational and in great condition -- after 43 years!

The Electra Glide instrument panel is from an old Panhead; the Harley speedometer was replaced with a neutral-looking 150mph Honda one.

The buddy seat is covered in genuine leather and features a chrome hand rail. The leather is still soft and just shows enough creases to show that it's genuine.

The unique chrome covers are still mounted on both sides of the bike and nicely preserved as well.

The bike comes with both original H-D Electra-Glide side cases and a Harley-Davidson Classic top case. The latter is spring-mounted and can be taken on and off without tools in seconds.

All cases are in very good condition, with just a few paint imperfections. The top case features carpeting inside. Yes, I have the original keys for all three cases.

Exeedingly rare, and pretty much unobtainable today, are the optional chrome rails with accessory lighting. With all of the lights illuminated, nobody will overlook this 800-lbs. bike!

Factory Service manuals for the Honda and wiring diagrams help in keeping things up to snuff.

This Electra Glide is still registered to its original, 1973-issue, California blue license plate, which has become pretty rare these days.

Unique in the true meaning of the term, this Honda-powered Hog combines the best of both worlds. Unconspicious to the casual observer, it creates a great deal of attention on the road and when parked anywhere. A marvelous piece of engineering that's pretty much unrepeatable today, it has survived the past 40 years unchanged, and will continue to stay this way.