Absolutely Mint:

2006 Fender American
Telecaster Deluxe!

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The Fender Telecaster needs no lenghty introduction. First offered in 1951, it's the world's first successfully mass-produced solid body electric guitar.

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In the past 6+ decades since, the Telecaster has continuously evolved while staying true to its roots. A 2019 Telecaster still looks very much like a 1951 model.

The modern day Telecaster comes in many versions. You can get one bult in China, Korea, Japan, or Mexico. But what everybody really wants is one MADE IN THE USA, for obvious reasons.

But even among the US-made Fender Telecasters, there's a pecking order, from Highway One, to American Special, to American Standard, to Deluxe, with many variations inbetween. The Deluxe is for the guitar connossoir, a “pinnacle” instrument, creme of the crop, featuring the best of everything, comparable to a hand-built Custom Shop model, costing thousands of dollars.

This stunning 2006 Fender American Telecaster Deluxe was first purchased 12 years ago, on February 1, 2007. The original owner played it just a few times in 2007 and early 2008, then stopped because he felt that it was "too perfect to use" and subsequently put it in the closet. The guitar is in near N.O.S condition with no evidence that it has ever been played.

Above photo shows the purchase invoice for $1,150.00, already discounted from $1,495.00.

The guitar came with all of the case candy, including hang tags and stickers, even picks with the selling dealer's name on them. Also included was a black leather strap with locking buttons.

Let's now check out this truly exceptional Telecaster from top to bottom, front to back, shall we?

Maple headstock looks like it has been made yesterday. The chromed spaghetti decal is a 3-dimensional, not a water slide. Tuners, tree, all perfect, literally.

There's no mark, not even a fingerprint on the headstock or the sealed tuners anyhwere!

Serial *DZ6287101* decodes to a production date in the second half of 2006.

The modern 9.5-radius neck has hand-rolled edges and a silky feel that provides a perfect balance between silky smoothness and sensual touch. It is almost a gloss to the eye, but doesn’t grab the skin like gloss often does. Note the colorful perloid inlays!

Action is superb, and the medium-jumbo frets are super comfortable.

There is zero fret-wear. The guitar looks like it has never been played.

This Deluxe features the beautiful Aged Cherry Burst finish -- arguable the most desirable finish available, with pearl-white binding around the body.

Deluxe's electronic are top-notch, boutique level. The Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups are stellar, the best money can buy. And then there's the amazing S-1 system, allowing to switch neck and bridge pickup in line, for Humbucker-like noise surpession!

Original Mother-of-Perl pickguard is new looking, again, with no signs of use.

The jewelry-like block-saddle bridge is made from chromed stainless steel. It intonates extremely well, and doesn't interact with the picking hand.

Vulnerable plug section, often scratched, here it is flawless, absolutely flawless.

Same for the entire backside. Not a nick, ding, dent, or scratch to be found!

Factory poly finish is smooth like a baby's behind.

Neck has never been removed from the body. It's as tight as it gets. Vulnerable section around the strap is flawless as well.

Chromed, contoured neck plate: simple elegance in absolutely perfect condition!

This Fender came with the original case. Whereas the guitar itself looks like it has never been used, the case has some minor scratches on the hardware.

When opportunity knocked and this guitar became available for sale, I didn't hesitate to jump on it. Yet after thorough inspection I, too, felt it was too perfect to "use," so I put it up for sale again and sold it quickly for $1,100 a few days later.

This guitar has been SOLD. This presentation is for reference only.